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Feature Facility - Stephanie Leung, Geriatric Care Manager

By Ketan Shah

Feature Facility - Stephanie Leung, Geriatric Care Manager
Caitlin McAvoy & Ketan Shah

Stephanie Leung is a Geriatric Care Manager in the Bay Area, where she pursued her higher education and started her professional career. Stephanie graduated with a Master’s Degree in Gerontology from San Francisco State University in 2016. Her academic career focused on the changing needs and experiences of the aging population, which is rapidly growing phenomena across the United States and around the world. Her studies in the program, in conjunction with internships, helped to better her professional skills and leadership experience to support older populations by emphasizing social justice, diversity, and advocacy for healthy living and well-being.

As a Geriatric Care Manager, Stephanie steps in to assist and support families who may be feeling overwhelmed with providing and managing care for their parents or loved ones. Stephanie’s job very much focuses on effective discussions with the client themselves, their family, physicians and other health care providers. She first listens to all the most pressing concerns regarding the older adult, then discusses an array of different options to be considered. Stephanie’s workday then consists of carrying out the agreed upon plan of care.

Stephanie shared a glimpse of a care management experience that stood out to her as one challenging, but overall rewarding case. She was contacted by the social worker of an older adult who was reclusive and had stopped routine medical treatments. Stephanie attempted to contact the client leading up to her first meeting by leaving phone calls and voicemails, but had no response. On the day of the visit, the client just barely opened the door halfway, almost hesitating to let somebody in. Stephanie explained her role as a Geriatric Care Manager who was referred by the hospital, and discussed the specific concerns about treatment and having some care at home. The client agreed to accept her help, and Stephanie continued to visit twice a week, slowly becoming a familiar and expected visitor. She had built a trust and the client looked forward to having more company, in which Stephanie recommended hiring caregivers for part of the day to help with the basic daily tasks. When the client’s condition worsened, Stephanie had to coordinate increased home care services and connect the client to in-home hospice care. Stephanie was also able to contact distant family.

Although this story ends with the client passing away, Stephanie noted that the care requested and provided to the client allowed a death with dignity and respected wishes of end of life in the comfort of being at home. Stephanie is grateful that families are willing to allow her to help even at some difficult times. She is passionate about her work and is excited to continue advocating for families and their loved ones.

Stephanie is passionate about her work and is excited to continue advocating for families and their unique needs and circumstances in the greater bay area.

Contact Information:

Stephanie Leung
Geriatric Care Manager
Direct Line: 650- 257-2080
Office: 650-396-2207
Fax: 650-257-2080