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5 Ways to Ensure Your Senior Stays Safe While Driving

By Ketan Shah

When driving is no longer a safe activity for your aging adult, you're both going to have to make some big decisions. Keeping your elderly family member as safe as possible behind the wheel can help with those decisions.

Make Sure She Has an Easy Out

If your elderly family member feels as if it's too complicated or that she has to go through you to have another option besides driving, she may be too embarrassed to take advantage of alternative transportation options. Hiring elder care providers, setting up a ride sharing account, and making sure that other family members are on call are all viable options.

Help Do Safety Checks on the Car

Having a car that is safe to drive is a huge part of helping your senior stay safe behind the wheel. It's difficult to do this alone, however. Help your senior to do safety checks such as verifying that her brake lights and headlights work, that the aim on the headlights is accurate, and that you address other mechanical concerns.

Double Check How Much Visibility She Has

Your aging adult needs to be able to see clearly all around her vehicle, but she may not realize her visibility has diminished. Take the time to periodically do some visibility checks. Make sure she's able to turn and see you when you stand in her car's blind spot and that she can see the road in front of her vehicle. You may need to make adjustments afterward, such as using a seat cushion to help her sit higher in her seat.

Keep the Car as Clean as Possible

A cleaner car is a safer car. This is true for both the inside and the outside. Regular washing helps to keep the car's windshields, windows, and lights clean and functional. You're also better able to spot issues such as dings and scratches that can let you know something else might be going on.

Don't Avoid Conversations about Concerns

When you do have concerns about your senior's ability to drive, bring them up right away. Avoiding these conversations doesn't make the concerns go away. Make sure that when you do talk about these issues, go about it the right way.

Keep your conversations about driving open and loving. If you allow them to become antagonistic, your senior may shut down future conversations before they even start.

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