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Seniors Should Create a Long-Term Care Plan

By Ketan Shah

Creating a long-term care plan for an elderly relative is an important part of being a family caregiver. Working together, they can address important housing, health, legal and financial issues that will shape the life of the aging loved one for years. October is Long Term Care Planning Month, to inspire families to hold those serious conversations and put together options that best suit everyone’s needs.

The smartest thing in creating a long-term care plan for an elderly adult is to do one before it is truly needed. Unexpected injuries, illnesses and health issues can happen at any time, changing the way an elderly adult lives and takes care of themselves. Even the most independent seniors may be forced to have live-in help if they suffer a stroke, heart attack, sudden surgery or cognitive decline. Having a long-term care plan in place spares everyone from having to make difficult decisions during stressful times.

Housing decisions are one of the most important aspects of a long-term care plan. It’s important to take the elderly adult’s desires into consideration, and then figure out a way for that to happen. Overwhelmingly, most seniors want to age at home and arrange to support long-term care for their needs there. However, it’s very common for aging adults to develop physical disabilities, from minor to serious, that prevent them from living completely independently.

One option that can easily be incorporated into a long-term care plan is the use of elder care providers. These trained professionals come to an elderly adult’s home and assist as needed in a range of daily tasks. It’s ideal for elderly adults who want to stay in their own home but perhaps struggle to safely and effectively do self-care or home-care tasks due to physical limitations. Elder care provider services can mean the difference of an elderly person living at home or having to go elsewhere for care.

Elderly adults have a high risk of developing injuries, illnesses and other age-related conditions that prevent them from doing some of the most basic tasks. From showering and bathing to dressing to preparing meals for themselves, some tasks become too much for seniors with health issues like arthritis, ALS, post-stroke symptoms, diabetes, and more. An elder care provider can assist where needed and be present for the aging adult throughout the day or night.

Family caregivers also benefit from hiring an elder care provider. That’s because they have peace of mind knowing that someone capable is with their elderly loved one. No family member wants to see their senior relative struggle, so having an elder care provider on hand for help and companionship gives family caregivers time to focus on their own responsibilities. Family caregivers also appreciate the social aspect that elder care providers bring to their aging relative, as seniors often become isolated and depressed when alone for long periods of time.

Although October is Long Term Care Planning Month, it’s extremely important to have such a conversation with an elderly relative anytime the chance arises.

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