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Consider In-Home Caregivers for Struggling Seniors

By Ketan Shah

Do you know if your aging relative is struggling with day-to-day activities and putting their health and wellness at risk? As people age, they often have trouble in doing all the things they did when they were younger. These struggles can lead to situations where they have difficulty living independently.

Fortunately, family caregivers can hire in-home elderly care providers to take over some of the senior’s responsibilities and be present when the aging adult is usually alone. If you are observing different situations where it seems your elderly loved one is having a hard time at home, consider hiring in-home help.

Clues That Seniors Are Struggling

It may be hard to see the clues that show your elderly relative is struggling with keeping up on daily tasks. Most seniors fear what will happen when family members find out they can no longer live alone. For aging adults that want to stay home and age in place, they often go to great lengths to cover up their struggles, so family caregivers won’t suspect there are problems.

Some of the obvious clues that your elderly relative needs more help include slacking off on housekeeping and hygiene, no clean clothes, dirty dishes, empty refrigerator, empty cupboards, and unpaid bills. More subtle clues include new bumps and bruises on their body and new and unusual health issues from mismanaging their medications. Seniors may also grow frustrated, irritable or even angry when you ask detailed questions about their welfare.

What In-Home Elderly Care Providers Do

Physical limitations due to injury, illness, disease or age-related chronic conditions mean that seniors often struggle with the most basic tasks. They may have a hard time with showering, dressing, grooming and hygiene. Around the house, many elderly adults with mobility issues can’t keep up with housework or laundry, and don’t have the stamina to prepare meals. Some seniors do well with some tasks but cannot complete others.

An elderly care provider comes to the senior’s home and helps them with any tasks they cannot do on their own. They are professionally trained to work with seniors, assisting when needed and stepping back to allow aging adults to do things for themselves when they can. Elderly care providers provide the physical and emotional support that helps create a safe and comfortable home where seniors can have help and guidance.

While it may take your aging relative some getting used to, most find that having an elderly care provider come in every day is a real relief for them. Not only do they get their physical needs cared for, but they also have a companion and someone they can socialize with. You’ll feel better knowing that an elderly care provider is there for your aging loved one and will let you know of any problems they notice about their health and wellness. Your elderly relative deserves days full of peace and comfort, so hiring an elderly care provider is the right choice.

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