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Are You Still Trying to Be a Perfect Caregiver?

By Ketan Shah

You may not realize it, but continuing to try to be a perfect caregiver actually holds you back. It can make being a caregiver way more difficult than you or your aging adult need it to be, too. Here are some of the ways you might be losing when it comes to perfectionism.

Perfectionism Keeps You Stuck in Old Patterns

When you're striving to be perfect all the time, you're not going to take the chance on trying out new ideas. For example, you might avoid asking family members for help with errands and tasks related to caregiving even though you need it. Instead, you try to perfectly do everything that you have to do, while falling even more behind.

It Slows You Down, Too

Because you're trying to be perfect, you're burning up a lot of energy and especially time. Energy you can rebuild, but time is one of those resources that you can never get back. Double or even triple your time by delegating tasks. Elderly care providers can help your senior get where she needs to go on a busy day while you handle your own tasks. Take things a step further and ask family members for help with specific tasks, such as picking up prescriptions at the pharmacy.

You're Going to Be More Critical of Yourself

Every time that you miss the mark when it comes to being perfect, you're going to be that much more critical of your own performance. You're naturally your own harshest critic anyway, but add perfectionism to the mix and you really don't stand a chance against yourself.

You'll Be More Productive if You Let Go of Perfect

Once you let go of the need to be perfect, you have more time and more energy. Both of these factor into helping you to simply do more with the resources that you have. You're also going to feel more confident and in charge as a caregiver, which is going to give you the momentum you need to be even more productive. You'll build positive reinforcement into everything that you do.

There's no need to keep beating yourself up about being perfect. Take it easy on yourself and remember that the best that you can do is still awesome.

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