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Can Living in a Multigenerational Household Work for Your Family?

By Ketan Shah

In many communities multigenerational families are the norm. It's a great way for your senior to have a comfortable and safe living situation while also allowing you to take care of her and the younger members of the family. But there are things for you and your senior to consider.

There Are More People There

Depending on your senior's original living situation, she's probably moving from living alone to living with multiple family members. If your senior needs help with transportation or has mobility issues, there is likely someone there who can help. This can also be a difficulty, because with more people comes more ambient noise. Your senior may not be used to being around this many people all at once, even if your family is small.

Your Senior Can Bond with Younger Family Members

If your family consists of family members of a variety of ages, including younger children, this is a perfect chance for them to bond with your aging family member. Your elderly family member might find herself in a different position now. Instead of being in the position of caregiver for younger family members, she can offer companionship and enjoy activities with them.

It Can Still Be Challenging

For as much good as this change in living situations brings, there are still some challenges, though. Your senior isn't the head of the household in this situation, usually, and that can be difficult for her to come to grips with that change. It may take some time for her to blend her routine in with the routine that the rest of the household has established, but it's definitely something that's possible for her to do.

Elder Care Services Can Fill in Gaps

No matter how many people are in the household and how much they're able to do, there are likely still gaps in what you can all do for your senior family member. Hiring elderly care providers goes a long way toward ensuring that your senior has the assistance that she needs at any time of day or night. This is especially helpful if your senior has mobility issues or needs help with getting where she needs to go.

Having the entire family in one home can be a true gift for your aging adult and for you. There are so many opportunities for all of you to be able to pitch in and help to make life easier all the way around.

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