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Are You Having Trouble Getting Stuff Done as a Caregiver?

By Ketan Shah

Tackling that never-ending to do list is not as easy as it might sometimes look. Being a caregiver means that you're pulled in a variety of different directions constantly. Try some of these ideas.

Look for the Areas in Which You're Having the Most Difficulty

Some areas of your life are bound to be more cooperative than others. For example, you might have no problem getting stuff done at work, but once you get home or to your senior's house, everything gets more complicated. Start to make note of when and where you're having the most trouble.

Find Ways to Organize Tasks and Projects

Even a simple spiral notebook in which you can jot down tasks, notes, and projects you need to get finished can do so much for you. Once it's out of your brain, you can start to think about how you can tackle each of those items. Work with yourself rather than against yourself.

Break Down Projects and Tasks

Almost every project or task that you have to get done can be broken down into smaller parts. If you need to clean your elderly family member's home, for instance, there are ways to break that down. There's vacuuming, which you can break down by room or by floor surface, there's dusting, and there are a ton of other tasks. Instead of looking at the full task, which is cleaning the house, as one chore, tackle the bite-sized tasks. This works even if it means you vacuum the living room today and the den tomorrow.

Delegate Whenever You Can

Once you've got projects and tasks broken down, it's so much easier to delegate those bits and pieces to other people. You might have other family members or friends who could handle one or two pieces for you while you handle something else. Hiring home care providers is another excellent way to delegate tasks when you're busy elsewhere being effective as a caregiver. It can all work together.

Make Sure You're Taking Care of Yourself

If you're not keeping yourself on that project list, you're doing yourself a disservice. You need to make a plan for meeting your own needs and then stick to that plan. Otherwise, you're going to run yourself done and then definitely nothing is going to get done.

Having a process can help you to stick to your plans and get more tasks completed. If you are still having trouble getting things done, you might be dealing with emotions or anxiety which are keeping you from focusing well. Talk with your doctor or with a therapist to try to work through those blocks.

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