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Five Ways Elder Care Providers Can Help a Mobility-challenged Senior

By Ketan Shah

When your senior's mobility is failing, that causes problems in all areas of her life. She can have difficulty taking care of even the simplest tasks, which can bring depression and isolation along with it. Elder care providers can turn all of that around for your aging adult.

Walking and Maneuvering in Her Home

Some aging adults have difficulty even maneuvering around their own home. That can mean using tools such as canes or walkers, even when they're cumbersome. Senior care providers can help your aging family member to learn how to use these devices as well as ensure that she's got physical support while she's in motion. She may also need help getting up and down safely.

Getting Dressed and Grooming

When mobility is diminished, your senior might not be able to dress and undress easily or take care of personal care tasks the way that she did in the past. Even adaptive clothing that is easier to put on and take off can be a challenge. Having someone else there who can provide that extra bit of help can restore dignity for your senior and help her to present herself to the world the way she'd prefer to be seen.

Changing Positions

Depending on your senior's particular mobility issues, she may not be able to change positions easily. Elder care providers are trained in helping people to move and adjust their position without hurting themselves in the process. This can help your senior to avoid pressure sores that might form otherwise.


Even with limited mobility, your senior's doctor may recommend exercise for her. She may find that physical therapy is helpful, too. Elder care providers can help to ensure that your senior is safe while she's exercising and that she doesn't overdo it.

Keeping Her Home Safer

Safety considerations can be even more important when your senior has limited mobility. She may not be able to take care of clutter or other potential issues. Home care providers can do safety sweeps when they stop by and ensure that your senior's home is as safe as it can be.

Just because your senior's mobility is not what it used to be, that doesn't mean that she's doomed to no other option. Home care providers can help you to deal with her mobility challenges, too, by showing you what you can do to help her as much as possible.

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