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Five Ways Your Senior Can Work on Her Fear of Aging

By Ketan Shah

It's not unheard of at all for an aging family member to be nervous or even fearful of growing older and all that means. But there are things that you can do together to help her to conquer those fears.

Keep Her Outlook Positive

Your senior's approach to situations is incredibly important to how she's going to view those situations. If she's coming from a negative perspective, that's going to color everything. Look for ways to help your senior to feel more positive. Keeping a gratitude journal might help, as can talking more often about what's going right rather than what's going wrong.

Get to the Root of the Fear

There's very likely something very specific about aging that your elderly family member is afraid of or fearful about. Getting to the root of that fear is going to help both of you figure out how to help her past it. Keeping a journal can help your elderly family member to work through how she's feeling.

Establish Some Daily Routines

Routines help your aging adult to get into a pattern with good behaviors. Start out by talking with her about what she sees as her ideal day. From there, you can start to map out certain activities and times for those activities. Once she's used to her new routine, she may find that it helps her to do more of the activities that help her to deal with her fears about aging.

Consider a Support Group

Support groups are fantastic for caregivers, of course, but they're also something that you might want to consider for your elderly family member. She can talk to other people who are growing older and who might not be comfortable with the situation, either. She might also meet some new friends and add a bit of life to her socializing.

Look for Solutions

If your elderly family member is experiencing some significant problems, look for solutions together. For instance, one aspect of growing older that your senior may greatly dislike could be that driving becomes difficult or impossible for her. Having elderly care providers available to drive for her can make that problem a non-issue.

Growing older is one of those things that is just going to happen. Your senior doesn't have to dread every single moment of the aging process. It can be a positive, happy experience and she might enjoy her life now more than she ever thought that she would.

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