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Complications of Diabetes All Caregivers Should Know About

By Ketan Shah

When it comes to elderly care, one of the diseases that all caregivers should know about is diabetes. There are many elderly adults who suffer from this disease. If it isn’t managed well, it can cause a host of complications. These complications are something you should be aware of.


This term means low blood sugar. Having severe hypoglycemia could be very dangerous to the elderly adult’s health. It could cause them to become unconscious or even to have a seizure. Some of the signs that the senior you are caring for has hypoglycemia include shakiness, sweating, dizziness, hunger, tingling around the mouth, headaches, clumsiness, confusion, and seizures. If you notice these issues, make sure they see a doctor right away.

Heart Disease

Unfortunately, another complication of diabetes is heart disease. This can be especially dangerous and even be fatal if not attended to properly. The senior could have a stroke or a heart attack, as well.

Diabetic Neuropathy

If diabetes is not managed properly, seniors could experience diabetic neuropathy. Generally, this only happens when the disease isn’t managed for a significant period of time. However, neuropathy can cause a host of other complications. It can cause weakness, pain, and tingling in the feet and hands. These issues, if left untreated, could mean the senior has to get an amputation. In addition, neuropathy can cause digestive issues, too.

Kidney Disease

The most common reason for kidney disease is diabetes. The kidneys are needed to help keep someone alive. If the kidneys in a senior citizen start failing to function, this could become a life-threatening issue. With diabetes-induced kidney issues, the kidneys have to work much harder to work properly.

Eye Disease

Retinopathy is what occurs as a result of diabetes-induced eye issues. Those who have diabetes have a higher risk of getting cataracts, glaucoma, or even going blind, as well. If you want to help the senior you are caring for, you should make sure they are getting an eye appointment and exam done at least once each year. This way, if any eye disease is present, it can be caught and treated early on.

There are many complications that can occur as a result of diabetes. These are only some of the most common issues that arise from this condition. If you are taking care of a senior citizen who has diabetes, it is important to make sure their diabetes is managed properly. If it isn’t, it is very likely that at least one of these health issues will arise. Make sure they are seeing their doctors regularly for care and medication appointments. If needed, hire a home care provider to remind them to take their medications at home.


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