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What Makes Using a Home Care Agency Better Than Hiring an Independent Caregiver?

By Ketan Shah

When an older family member needs assistance at home, you have some options to get them the help they need. Two popular choices are hiring an independent caregiver or using a home care agency to schedule assistance. While both options are valid choices, using a home care agency may be the better choice for a number of reasons, such as those described below.

Hiring Process is Completed for You

When families choose to hire an independent caregiver, there’s a lot of work to do before you find the right person. There’s placing an ad, responding to people who apply, and setting up interviews. Then there’s the actual interview process. Do you know the right questions to ask to ensure the applicant is qualified and the best possible choice? Even when you’ve narrowed down your choices, you’ll still need to complete a background check. If that doesn’t pan out, you might have to start all over again. Home care agencies take care of that entire process for you. All staff members are fully vetted to ensure they are a qualified and safe choice for your loved one.

No Scrambling for Replacements

When you hire an independent caregiver, you’re hiring an individual. So, what happens if that individual calls you to tell you they aren’t feeling well and need to take a sick day? What about when they go on vacation or just need a day off? What if they quit? You’re left scrambling to find someone to take care of your older family member for the day or until you can get through the entire hiring process all over again. You may even have to take some time off of work to cover the caregiver’s shift. When a staff member from an agency is ill, needs time off, or moves on to another opportunity, the agency takes care of ensuring someone will be there for your older family member at the scheduled time. You’ll never need to take time off work to cover a shift or worry that the senior will be left without help.

No Payroll and Tax Issues

Paying an individual caregiver can be more complicated than just writing a check every couple of weeks. There are also tax issues involved in being an employer. Home care agencies take care of all the payroll and tax tasks. All you have to do is pay the agency for their services. They pay the provider who came to the senior’s home, withholding the required taxes and reporting the necessary information to the IRS.

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