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Mildew in Your Mom's House Isn't Something to Ignore

By Ketan Shah

When you're at your mom's house, you've noticed mildew on the bathroom ceiling. Maybe, you're seeing mildew forming on her vinyl window frames. It's not something to ignore. High humidity levels and lack of airflow can cause it.

Mildew can irritate the sinuses and lead to coughing and sneezing. People who are exposed to mildew spores may suffer from frequent bloody noses. If your mom has frequent allergies, mildew may be to blame. You need to get the mildew issue resolved.

The Best Way to Kill and Control Mildew

A solution of bleach and water is good at killing mildew. Aim for ¼ cup of bleach to half a gallon of water. Use a sponge to dab the solution onto mildew. Allow that to dry. Wipe with white vinegar after and let that dry.

Once the mildew is controlled, you need to look at why it's happening. If your mom's house gets humid easily, invest in new bathroom fans, run a dehumidifier, and open windows for better airflow when possible. Adding a window to a bathroom that gets humid can help if fans aren't doing enough. Crack the window during a shower to allow moisture to escape.

If the basement is humid, a dehumidifier helps. Also, look for products that absorb moisture. Silica gel is one of the easiest to find. Sites like Amazon sell reusable silica gel beads. When it's absorbed all the moisture it can, bake it in the oven to dry it back out and use it over and over.

Curtains, clothing, towels, and blankets are fabric items that are prone to mildew. Wash them in bleach and dry thoroughly in the sun. If the stains remain, you may want to replace that item.

Helping Your Mom With Symptoms of Mildew Allergies

If mildew allergies affect your mom, invest in an air purifier. UV lighting kills bacteria and airborne spores in the home. A system with an ionizer uses electrostatic energy to draw particles to the air filter to remove them from the air. Make sure the filter is cleaned or replaced regularly to ensure clean air.

Talk to her doctor about the best allergy medications to use. When the symptoms are unbearable, she could take a medication that helps with the sneezing, congestion, and coughing.

Hire home care services to help her keep the house clean. Caregivers can dust, vacuum, wipe down surfaces, and do the laundry. Talk to a home care representative to learn more about these and other services and what they cost.

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