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How Can Home Care Help Seniors Maintain Their Independence?

By Ketan Shah

February is National Senior Independence Month. Maintaining their independence is one of the things that many older adults worry about as time goes on. Continuing to live in their own home requires being able to do several crucial things for themselves, such as making meals, keeping the house in a clean and livable condition, and having the ability to run important errands. Medical conditions or frailty can make these things difficult or impossible for many seniors. The good news is that home care is an excellent way for older adults to remain independent. Here are 4 ways home care can help your aging relative continue to live independently in their home.

#1: Transportation

Several of the changes that come with aging can make driving unsafe for older adults. Arthritis pain may make turning their neck or pressing the pedals difficult. Vision problems can make it impossible to read signs or see what is coming. When it’s time for seniors to give up driving, home care can offer transportation to the places they need to go. Home care providers can drive them to the grocery store, medical appointments, social events, and much more.

#2: Food Preparation

Sometimes older adults don’t eat well because they cannot or don’t want to cook for themselves. Or, they may find eating alone lonely and unpleasant. Home care providers can either help them to make meals or take over food preparation for them, ensuring meals are healthy and balanced. If the senior is on a special diet, home care providers can make foods that fit into the plan. They can even make meals that can be warmed up later so that the older adult has easy access to nutritious foods.

#3: House Cleaning

Keeping up with housework may not be possible for seniors with certain medical conditions. They may not be able to lug a heavy vacuum around or get down on their knees to wash a floor. Vision problems may mean that they cannot see well enough to clean up dirt. Home care providers can perform light cleaning duties to keep the house tidy and livable. Having a clean house can make a big difference in an older adult’s quality of life because it can improve their self-esteem and make them more likely to want to entertain people at home, helping them stay socially connected.

#4: Medicine Reminders

Part of managing medical conditions is taking medications according to the doctor’s instructions. Unfortunately, seniors sometimes forget to take doses, take a medication twice because they forgot they already took it, or take a medication incorrectly. Home care providers can remind them to take medications and monitor them while they do to ensure they take the proper amount.

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