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Will Adaptive Gardening Work for Your Mom After Her Stroke?

By Ketan Shah

Since your mom's stroke, her mobility has improved slightly. Her doctors say her left side will always be weak. She needs a cane when walking around. She also cannot stand for an extended period of time. Despite this, she wants to get back out into her gardens. How do you make gardening possible when her mobility has changed so much?

Adaptive Gardening is the Best Solution

Adaptive gardening is a form of gardening that addresses physical challenges. It often starts with raised beds that can be easily accessed from a wheelchair or wheeled garden cart with a built-in seat. Your mom works in her garden beds from a seated position, which eliminates the need to stand, bend over, or be on the knees for extended periods of time.

Raised beds are easier to set up than you might think. Some cedar boards built into boxes that are filled with garden soil work well. You can also be creative and use bales of straw for straw bale gardening or large planter pots for a patio garden.

Ergonomic gardening tools make digging and pruning a lot easier to manage. Muscle weakness can make it hard to properly grip gardening tools. With ergonomic models, the handles are wider and can even have straps that make them easier to hold while weeding or planting.

Your mom may have a hard time dragging a hose around. Plus, a heavy hose increases the risk of tripping and falling. Soaker hoses that you lay out in advance are one way to avoid this problem. You could also look into flexible coil hoses that spring back into a coil when your mom is done watering her plants.

Post-Stroke Recovery Benefits From Caregiver Support

Following a stroke, your mom needs support. You can be there as often as you can, but it may be tough when you have family obligations of your own and a full-time job. Caregivers are a great alternative.

When it comes to being out in her gardens, caregivers can make sure she has sunscreen on and drinks plenty of water. They can help her bring in vegetables and fruit that is ready for harvesting. They can also help her carry tools out to the garden.

Hire an elder care agency to help your mom with the daily activities that frustrate her. All it takes is a brief interview where you discuss your mom's abilities and limitations. Call an elder care agency to get started.

If you or an aging loved one is considering hiring elder care in Cupertino, CA, please contact the caring staff at Home Helpers today (408) 259-5930.