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No One At Your Mom's House Has Coronavirus, But You Might

By Ketan Shah

Some people misunderstand why there's a big push to stay at home. They're still going to visit family members. They're still holding family gatherings. There are even cases of churches holding services, neighbors letting kids play together, and people socializing in grocery stores. All of this increases the risk of passing coronavirus on.

COVID-19 Spreads Easily

People can have the virus and not realize it. If that one person sneezes near five others, they could contract the virus. They go out and sneeze on five more bringing the number of people exposed to the virus to the original person, five more, and those five spread it to another 25 more. It spreads quickly for that reason. By avoiding socializing for now, it helps stop the spread.

The biggest concern you should have is that some people are asymptomatic. You could be around someone who has the virus and doesn't realize it. You now have the virus and go to your parents home. If you have the virus, you could spread it to them. That's why asking people to stay home and avoid all socialization for two weeks is so important.

What Do You Do for Your Parents If You Can't Stop In?

You're the main family caregiver. You have to go spend time helping your mom with meals, housekeeping, and other chores. How are you supposed to do that if you're not supposed to leave the house?

You can stop the spread without abandoning your mom for 14 days. She needs to also avoid socializing in person. Talk to a home care agency about having a caregiver help out temporarily. Caregivers are equipped with strict procedures and equipment like gloves and face masks to help prevent the spread.

They're also aware that they need to stay isolated when not at work and carefully monitor themselves for signs of the virus. If they're sick, they don't go to work. If they've been around someone who was exposed, they don't go to work. This helps prevent the spread, though no process is fool-proof. Your mom also has to take steps to stay safe.

She needs to remain at least six feet from others. In her home, she should avoid standing right over her caregiver's shoulder. While the caregiver is working in the kitchen, your mom should go to the living room and read. It may seem excessive, but these extra precautions are important right now. Call a home care agency to learn other ways to stay safe during a pandemic.

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