Exceptional Caregivers

Caregiver of the Month - Sara Joseph, February 2020

Caregiver of the Month - Ada Varela, January 2020

Caregiver of the Month - Naomi De La Cruz, November 2019

Caregiver of the Month - Katherine Vega, October 2019

Caregiver of the Month - Gemma Saetern, September 2019

Caregiver of the Month - Ada Yeadon, August 2019

Caregiver of the Month - Esperanza Herrera, July 2019

Caregiver of the Month - Quiesance Yuoh, June 2019

Caregiver of the Month - Michelle Lana Schilling, May 2019

Caregiver of the Month - Litiana Lotomau, March 2019

Caregiver of the Month -Daria Garcia, February 2019

Caregiver of the Month - Martha Holmes, January 2019

Caregiver of the Month - Rebecca Laurente, December 2018

Caregiver of the Month - Diana Avila, November 2018

Caregiver of the Month - Marivic Garcia, October 2018

Exceptional Caregiver Award - 


Caregiver of the Month - Sisiria Waqa, August 2018

Home Helpers of Santa Clara Valley is pleased to announce our caregiver of the month goes to Sisiria Waqa! We are extremely proud of your hard work and excellence. Here was a special message sent to us: "Sisi really shows her level of professionalism and expertise in working with those with dementia. We all have been exchanging emails about updates on what works with Nancy and what doesn’t. Sisi really put some great thought into her response. She’s a gem!" 

Sisiria has been care giving for several years. She is passionate about making some kind of positive difference in people’s live because it is rewarding to her. We truly appreciate your thoughtful and heart warming ideas. 

Quarterly Caregiver - Rosemary Mambo, Quarter 2 


Let’s give it up for Rosemary Mambo for being our Quarter 3 Caregiver! Rosemary started working full-time with Home Helpers in December 2016. As a young teen, she saw the importance with providing care and help to those in need. This passion stayed with her through life. As a result, she was the primary caregiver for her mother when she became ill. Rosemary attended the Medical Career College in Fremont, California for her Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) certification. She is very passionate about her hobbies, which includes cooking and reading.

Quarterly Caregiver

 - Carmerin Garcia, Quarter 1

Let’s give it up to Carmerin Garcia for being our Quarter 2 Caregiver! We are super proud of you! Carmerin started working for Santa Clara Valley Home Helpers in 2016. She began to gain care giving experience with her grandmother who she gives high credits for her beliefs that you should always be kind, descent, and always give those people the respect that they deserve. She thrives on the desire to always learn something new from each experience and each patient. In addition, she is compassionate, empathetic, and loves listening to her patient’s life story.