Gift Ideas For Dementia Patients

Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Persons with Alzheimer’s/Dementia

So what makes a great gift? A gift that brings a smile with it. When choosing a gift for a person with Alzheimer’s\Dementia, it’s important to keep in mind what stage of the disease they are in. Look for presents that will make life easier for them, or that will help them maintain independence. Try to find something that is fun, that they will enjoy. A wonderful recourse is the Alzheimer’s Store on the internet. You can find it at

  • Simple puzzles 12-24 pieces
  • Adult coloring books
  • Warm fuzzy pj’s
  • A boom box with music they love
  • Things for them to sort
  • Large handled toothbrush
  • A warm hug
  • Indoor herb garden
  • Simple crafts
  • Music CD’s
  • Head phones
  • Soft lightweight lap blanket
  • Favorite movie DVD’s/old movies
  • Rinse free shampoo
  • Easy to read clock with day and date display
  • Large handled silverware
  • Large TV remote
  • Warm soft lightweight sweater
  • Things to sort (buttons, cards, poker chips, fabric swatches)
  • A massage - back or hands
  • Stuffed animal to hold
  • Drive to see Christmas lights
  • Telephone with photos
  • A birdfeeder
  • Bubbles