Tips for the Holidays

The 12 Rules of Christmas

Tips for the Holidays for a Person with Alzheimer’s or Dementia & Their Families

  1. Try to keep the number of guests to a minimum. Too many people can be overwhelming to a person with Dementia. 
  2. Keep the area quiet, the less noise the better. Having a quiet place to retreat is a good backup plan.
  3. Keep the visit short. Two to three hours maximum.
  4. Allow for periods of quiet\rest for longer visits.
  5. Plan the event\visit for earlier in the day. Many people with Dementia suffer from sundowning, and may present with behaviors in the afternoon and evening hours.
  6. When taking Mom or Dad back to a facility-try saying “lets go for a ride” or “time to go for a drive”. You may get less resistance to leave.
  7. Avoid shadows and glare, they can confuse a person with Dementia.
  8. Keep expectations low.
  9. Avoid quizing\correcting. This only frustrates the person with Dementia.
  10. Be patient. Give them time.
  11. Be flexible, the day may not go as planned.
  12. Be loving. A person with Dementia can understand a warm smile and a gentle touch.