Our Team


Director of Human Resources - Michael Spears

Michael is a Psychology major at Arizona State University. Currently, he is a Strategic Human Resources leader with 10+ years of employee development/relations, management, and HR experience. As an HR professional, he strives to support, grow and retain the best talent while increasing the efficiency of employee and business organizations. To Michael, it is not just about "getting things done" but more importantly "HOW" we team to get things done and how we help others do the same. Michael specializes in Human Resources, Payroll, compensation, benefits, employee relations, case management, talent acquisition, recruitment, development, compliance, corporate preferred partner relations, program management, meeting facilitation, and social media strategy.  Off hours, Michael is father to his amazing five-year-old daughter who just started Kindergarten.



Office Manager - Joyce Marie Reyes

Joyce holds a bachelors degree in Human Resources Management from San Jose State University. Currently, she is an office manager at Home Helpers SC Valley with 6+ years of experience in management, employee/client relations, payroll, billing, and scheduling. She excels in leadership, organizational development, and management coaching. In addition to being an office manager, Joyce loves to read self development books, to go on hikes, and to travel the world. To keep her productivity going during off hours, Joyce is an avid gym enthusiast.