Our Team

Scheduler/Recruiter - Katherine Vega

Katherine always had a passion for helping others. She started out as a nanny for several families in my area. After seeing what her family went through with her grandmother when she became ill, she started to shift her focus on elderly care. She immediately got hooked and decided to make a permanent career change in early 2012. She started her career as an in-home caregiver helping elderly clients with their daily tasks and helping them become self-independent. She also implemented memory and exercise regimens to improve their quality of life. Katherine’s mission is to provide care with compassion, collaboration, and love.


Client Care Coordinator - Salieda Meeks

Salieda is currently employed as a Client Care Coordinator with Home Helpers in Santa Clara Valley.  She has been in the Home Care industry for the last three years.  Salieda possesses a Clinical Medical Assistant Certification and has been in the medical field for 10 + years.  She excels in working with seniors to provide the best customer service and care. Other experience she has gained and excelled in throughout the years are the following: marketing, payroll, and client care.  When she is not on the clock, she enjoys spending time with her two children, two dogs and loving husband. She also enjoys going to the beach and studying religion.  With keeping an optimistic mind set, Salieda always looks forward to awaiting what the future may bring her way.

Office Manager - Joyce Marie Reyes

Joyce holds a bachelors degree in Human Resources Management from San Jose State University. Currently, she is an office manager at Home Helpers SC Valley with 6+ years of experience in management, employee/client relations, payroll, billing, and scheduling. She excels in leadership, organizational development, and management coaching. In addition to being an office manager, Joyce loves to read self development books, to go on hikes, and to travel the world. To keep her productivity going during off hours, Joyce is an avid gym enthusiast.