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  • Oklahoma's Seasonal Allergies Oklahoma's Seasonal Allergies Beyond the physical pain and discomfort of allergies, there is a connection between allergy symptoms and emotional and psychological behavior, particularly in seniors, the elderly and the homebound patient. Warm temperatures bring budding trees and flowering plants – the ... Read More
  • Caregiver Self-Care Caregiver Self-Care CARE-GIVING Summer’s here, the weather is warm, flowers are blooming and outdoor activities are at a premium. However, enjoying family activities can be challenging if you don’t look and feel your best. It’s important to know and understand your body and its specific needs. ... Read More
  • Postpartum Depression Postpartum Depression As a guest co-host on the television show The View , Alysa Milano, star of movies and television shared an essay she wrote as part of Mental Health Awareness Month. She openly discussed her diagnosis of generalized anxiety disorder and her belief that it was triggered by ... Read More
  • SENIOR SUMMER SAFETY TIPS SENIOR SUMMER SAFETY TIPS As temperatures rise, heat stroke and heat exhaustion become a real problem for the elderly and those over 65. Often finding themselves cold or finding a room chilly, they will overdress in layers reach for a long-sleeved shirt or pull on a favorite sweater. Improperly ... Read More