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New Mom Care - Welcome To New Mom Care

By Michele Scott

Whether it’s the first child or the fifth, when friends, relatives and neighbors are gone and spouses, partners and roommates have returned to work newborn care becomes a reality. The physical and emotional demands of childbirth followed by six to eight weeks postpartum can leave a new mom exhausted. New moms are often overwhelmed, unprepared and left with unanswered questions. The medical community suggests during the first few weeks, mom be relieved of all responsibilities. Really? Most moms don’t have that luxury. Finding time for daily activities, hygiene, six to eight hours of recommended sleep and a healthy diet is impossible. Newborns require a lot of work and new moms can’t do it alone. Although help was definitely needed, in a recent survey of 1,000 new moms, 27% confessed visitors, family and friends were more of a hassle than a help. Time to call in the professionals – time for New Mom Care.   

For years Home Health Care has been linked to the disabled and the aging. Today’s new mom has discovered a need for similar services. Although hospital staffs make inquiries and convey a new mom’s need for help; If mom and baby are healthy and happy on discharge day, New Mom Care is not discussed or offered. In 20th and 21st century surveys researchers found, both new and existing moms arrive home ill-equipped to handle the emotional and physical demands. The goal of New Mom Care is to check on mom’s and baby’s health, provide assistance, answer questions and provide guidance and support where needed. Services range from checking baby’s weight to light housekeeping. From preparing meals to running errands. Care givers provide overnight care, hourly care, around-the-clock care and emotional support. A friendly face and guiding hand can make a world of difference when breast-feeding or pumping for the first time, learning to sleep when baby sleeps, navigating a newborn checklist and sorting through a stack of “how to” flyers while getting to know their new, very demanding bundle of joy.

Imagine getting eight full hours of sleep and eating healthy nutritional meals in a safe, clean environment. With New Mom Care household chores are done, shopping is done, laundry is done and post-delivery guidance on breastfeeding, CPR, organizing, scheduling and bathing baby is available. New Mom Care ensures mom is comfortable with baby and baby is adjusting in a loving caring environment.