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Senior Care - Keeping Mom and Dad at Home

By Michele Scott

You pull up to mom and dad’s house, throw open the door and find a house in shambles. The once spotless floors are old and soiled. The sink is piled high with dirty dishes and strange odors are coming from the refrigerator. You wonder what happened – when did things go so wrong. Seniors living alone with little to no care can experience mental disorders, physical illnesses, anxiety and depression. In less than 30 days their lives can change drastically. Failure to monitor medications, keep doctor appointments and meet nutritional, physical and social needs can lead to extreme loneliness, in-home accidents and an increased risk of dementia.

With more seniors than ever remaining in their homes, in-home care is more important than ever. From asking a neighbor to look in on them to making the trip yourself, a daily visit is a must. Senior house-keeping services clean kitchens, vacuum, clean bathrooms, mop floors, make beds and prepare meals allowing seniors to prolong independent living. Grooming and hygiene keeps them looking and feeling their best. Personal Care Services range from daily baths, showers and shampooing to hair styling and shaving. Urinary incontinence and the need for toileting care are embarrassing. Improper care can lead to skin infections, rashes, hygiene problems and offensive odors. The In-home health care professional meets medical, emotional and personal needs. Regular mobility can be life sustaining. A sedimentary lifestyle can cause cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis and a loss of balance. Reduced muscle strength and decreased flexibility can lead to deterioration resulting in accidents and in-home injuries. Standing, stretching and walking lifts spirits and improves agility.

Seniors 85 and over are remaining in their homes, or in the home of a family member. Thanks to care-givers and visits by professional in-home care providers, they are living a safe, healthy and happy lifestyle. Healthy seniors are at an advantage, however seniors with major medical illnesses and/or chronic mental disorders are also living at home – the home of a family member. Today more medical needs than ever can be met in the home. We just need to ensure care is available and “care” is given. There is no one size fits all when it comes to senior care. Don’t let guilt or promises control your decision -making process. Let us guide you through the process. We can help. Call us.