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Check your Aging Parents this Holiday Season

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The winter holiday season is a perfect time to check up on your aging parents to make sure they are handling things well, especially if they live alone. Take the time to make an assessment of their home and their lifestyle to see if your loved ones are eating well, practicing good hygiene, getting around and taking care of business by responding to mail and balancing the checkbook. If there are problems, you may find that they need some help from a companion or an in-home caregiver.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when you visit your aging parents during the holiday season:

  • Are they in good physical shape?

Make it a point to really look at your parents to see if they have a weight gain or loss or bruises that may indicate a recent fall. See if they are appropriately dressed, clean and well groomed.

  • Are they in a safe and organized environment?

Look around their home and take note of things like loose and slippery area rugs and electrical cords and wires that can pose a safety risk. Check for clutter, overflowing laundry baskets and piles of unopened mail that can indicate a problem. Find out if there are grab bars in the bathroom to help them with the shower and toilet.

  • What’s in the refrigerator?

See if your loved ones have an ample supply of food on hand, and ask what they had for lunch or dinner the previous day. Look for the fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean protein that make up a healthy diet. If they are eating frozen, salt-laden dinners, there may be an issue with meal preparation.

  • Are things in the right place?

Misplaced items may indicate some kind of mental issue like memory loss, confusion or even cognitive impairment that can signal the beginning of Alzheimer’s. See if food, cleaning supplies and medications are stored together in the appropriate place.

  • Are they tuned in and sociable?

At a holiday celebration, notice how your loved ones interact with others. See if they know who family members are, if they can follow and contribute to conversations, and if their hearing is adequate for social situations. You may be able to detect a problem that can indicate cognitive difficulties.

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