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How to Help Aging Seniors Avoid Isolation

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As people live longer, there is a risk that they will become more isolated as the years go by. Decreased mobility, a shrinking social network and living alone due to the loss of a spouse can intensify the problem. Unfortunately, social isolation has been linked to a range of serious health effects in the elderly, including dementia and mortality. Sometimes the solution to rejoining the world is as simple as having transportation to a beloved activity with treasured friends.

For seniors who live at home, a home health caretaker can provide the answer to avoiding social isolation. Enlisting the assistance of a home health care companion can also help out adult children of a needy senior, who themselves may be at risk of social isolation due to the weight of responsibilities as the family caregiver.

Risk Factors

Failing hearing or eyesight, an inability to drive and living in an inaccessible area can lead to a gradual withdrawal from life and the loneliness of social isolation. Seniors may experience a change in their physical health, they may suffer from memory impairment and they may find it difficult to get around. Many aging seniors are coping with a shrinking network of friends and a dwindling number of social engagements. The companionship and assistance of a home health caregiver can solve problems resulting from these risk factors.

How In-Home Caregivers Can Help

Many aging senior citizens prefer to live at home, even if that means living alone. Having a home health caregiver can allow seniors to remain in familiar surroundings and maintain some level of independence. But home health care companions can do much more to prevent feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Providing Transportation

One of the main benefits of an in-home caregiver is having personal transportation available for errands, doctor’s appointments and social activities. An aide can drive the individual to the supermarket, the library and the doctor’s office so that the senior stays involved with familiar activities in the community. Not only does transportation benefit the senior, but it takes the pressure off caring adult offspring who are often juggling work and family responsibilities of their own.

Enabling Access to Social Activities

Just because the senior gives up driving, he or she does not have to give up going to club meetings, having lunch with friends and participating in their regular card game. A caregiver from a reputable home healthcare agency can also encourage the senior to maintain ties to the community by volunteering, attending religious services and schedule social engagements like taking in a movie or pursuing a hobby.

Boosting Self-Esteem

Positive comments from a health care companion can go a long way to boost a senior’s self-esteem. As people age, they may become self-conscious about their appearance and embarrassed about their failing abilities. A trained caregiver can recommend devices like walkers, canes and shower seats to preserve the individual’s independence in bathing and getting around. The companion can encourage regular hearing and vision checkups to correct problems as they occur. Caregivers can encourage weight loss in overweight seniors by preparing healthy meals and promoting exercise.

Providing Companionship

A personable in-home caregiver can provide friendly companionship by listening, talking and sharing enjoyed experiences. The caregiver can engage the senior by playing games, doing puzzles and assisting with social media to connect with family and friends. For seniors who enjoy reading, the caregiver can provide help and guide a discussion of the reading material.

Securing an In-Home Companion

When you need a home health care companion for your loved one, contact Home Helpers of South Shore at 781-585-1244. Learn about the support we provide to make life easier and allow your aging parent to remain at home.

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