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Important Tips for Aging in Place at Home

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While transitioning to a healthcare facility like an assisted living or a nursing home may become necessary for some aging seniors, chances are your loved one would prefer to age in place at home for as long as possible. It makes sense to plan for present needs as well as the future. The National Institute on Aging (NIA), part of the highly regarded National Institutes of Health (NIH), funds research on aging and offers suggestions for seniors to remain at home. Contacting a reputable home health care agency to provide an experienced caregiver can allow your loved one to remain independent in familiar surroundings.

Performing Activities of Daily Living

In order to remain independent at home, seniors must be able to perform the activities of daily living. You might notice that your aging parent is starting to have difficulty with personal hygiene, moving around or getting dressed in the morning. When you ask about meals, you may discover that rather than eating healthy options like fresh fruits and vegetables and lean protein, your loved one is in the habit of opening a can of soup for dinner. Bills may be piling up, and the laundry basket may be overflowing. You might also see bruises from falls and you may wonder if he is taking his medication regularly. Or, it may be that your parent spends too much time alone and is in need of companionship – more than you can provide in your busy life.

Getting Help from an In-Home Caregiver

Once you identify the problems, is important to get help immediately. Put together a plan that addresses all the issues so your loved one can remain in the comfort of her own home. An in-home caregiver can provide many of the services to make sure your parent stays safe and healthy. A caregiver can be a trusted companion who will alert you to problems you might not see.

These are some of the services an in-home caregiver can provide to help a senior age in place at home:

  • Help with Hygiene: As people age, taking care of routine tasks like bathing can become problematic. An in-home caregiver can stand by in case help is needed, assist the individual when getting in and out of the shower, or help bathe the senior. The caregiver can also make recommendations for the appropriate equipment for the bath, such as a shower chair.
  • Help with Dressing: Putting on and tying shoes, buttoning clothing, fastening belts and getting into pants can be difficult for seniors who find it hard to bend, stand and use arthritic hands. A caregiver will help with these tasks so your loved one will avoid falling when getting dressed.
  • Help Preparing Meals: Meal preparation can become a challenge as people age. For aging males and who have lost a spouse and have never had the responsibility of grocery shopping, meal planning, and cooking, preparing a meal can be overwhelming. An in-home aide can make sure the senior eats a balanced diet with fresh food.
  • Help with Housekeeping: A personal aide can help with laundry, light house cleaning and other chores around the house.
  • Help with Transportation: Seniors who enjoy activities outside the home will find that they can keep up with their social calendar with the help of a caregiver. An aide can also drive the senior to doctor’s appointments, the hairdresser, and the clothing store.
  • Help with Bill Paying: Keeping track of bills and paying them on time often becomes hard for aging seniors. An aide can help sort the mail, set aside the bills and supervise the senior in taking care of bills like rent or mortgage payments, utilities, and insurance.

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