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5 Ways Home Care Agencies Support Caregivers

By Ketan Patel

In-home care by a trained professional allows aging seniors to remain at home in familiar surroundings, even when they need help with their activities of daily living. Responsible caregivers providing senior home healthcare services and elder care assistance provide exceptional in-home care. To perform their caregiving duties and care for aging seniors, caregivers need the support of a compassionate home care agency.

Here are 5 important ways an agency can support its caregivers:

#1: Regular Schedules

Some agencies simply place a caregiver with a senior if their schedules match up. The result is that the caregiver sees multiple seniors over the course of the month, making it difficult to get to know their charges. Other agencies have a well thought out plan for matching the right caregiver with the right senior to encourage bonding and continuity. Having a regular schedule with the same person makes it easier for caregivers to achieve a work-life balance.

#2: Professional Plan of Care

A plan of care is only as good as the agency that puts it together. An experienced agency will evaluate seniors properly and use that information to set realistic goals that help them stay as independent as possible. Caregivers then provide everything from assistance with activities of daily living like preparing meals, managing medication and handling transportation to helping patients with Alzheimer’s and other disorders.

#3: Continuing Education

A home healthcare agency that provides options for continuing education does a great service to the seniors and the caregivers as well. In-home caregivers can learn everything from biological changes in the elderly and identifying acute illnesses as opposed to chronic illnesses to specialized care for those in need.

#4: Administrative Support

When dealing with the elderly and disabled and their families, issues may arise from time to time. It is comforting for a caregiver to know that an agency is there for them in case of a question or problem

#5: Backup in Case of Emergency

Responsible caregivers rely on their agency to lend a helping hand when they are faced with an emergency and they are unable to help their senior. They also depend on professional assistance if the senior is in need of help they are unable to provide. An experienced, caring and skilled agency can offer the right assistance when needed.

Choosing a Caregiving Agency

Home Helpers of South Shore is owned and operated by a compassionate health professional with a strong understanding of the needs of aging seniors. Contact Home Helpers for professional management, a caring atmosphere, a flexible schedule and the opportunity to learn new skills.

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