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How to Help Seniors Enjoy the Holidays

By George & Patricia Jones

How to Help Seniors Enjoy the Holidays

Holiday time can be tough for many of us, especially seniors. There are a variety of reasons that make this a difficult time for many people. Seniors often feel anxious about needing assistance or being a burden. They may fear they won’t hear well and can’t enjoy the conversation around them. Whatever the case, we have some tips to help the seniors in your life enjoy the festivities!

Find Out What Special Needs There Are in Advance

Seniors may have some disabilities that cause them to feel embarrassed about when help is needed. Finding out ahead of time what they need to ensure a comfortable experience is always helpful. Nobody wants to ask for assistance in front of a group of friends and family.

 If your senior loved one has a caretaker in the picture, ask that person what the senior is used to in their routine. Things like mobility issues, eating habits, etc. Getting all the info you can is helpful.

 Try to find out if there are medical challenges, such as incontinence or difficulty moving around. Being aware of these will help you be sensitive to their needs.

 Ask about medications that need to be taken at regular intervals, so you can help them manage that.

 Prepare your home to be safe for things like walkers, crutches or wheelchairs and make sure throw rugs are removed to avoid tripping.

 Talk to other family members about what to expect and ask them to lend a hand whenever possible. Many hands make light work and make your loved one feel safe and secure.

Speak Up!

If you know the senior has difficulty hearing, be prepared to do simple things such as facing them when speaking to them, pronounce your words clearly, but not slowly. You don’t want them to feel like you’re yelling or talking so slowly that it’s insulting.

Be mindful of noisy spots and try to move to a quieter area when engaging in conversation with seniors who are hard of hearing.

Remember that most seniors are frustrated with their limitations and that can be frustrating for the host as well. Staying patient and gracious will go a long way in alleviating that stress!

Medication Evaluation

Ask ahead of time about medication regimens. Be sure they don’t forget to pack all their medicines if they are staying overnight and ask for a list of all medications, dosages and how often they are needed. If possible, have the medications loaded in a pill box organizer.

If there are children in the house, be sure to keep all medications out of reach of little fingers!

Above all, remember to enjoy all the celebration and count your blessings! Seniors often experience sadness around the holiday season and you can do a lot to help give them a grand time to enjoy friends and family!

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