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How Regular Exercise Can Protect the Aging Hearts of Seniors

By George & Patricia Jones

Exercise Can Protect the Aging Hearts of Seniors

We all know that exercise is super important for our health, but did you ever stop to think about the heart benefits as we grow older? It’s especially true of seniors. Even mild to moderate exercise in seniors can help them prevent stroke, heart disease, and high blood pressure. It can also lower cholesterol levels and even help eliminate type 2 diabetes.

Here are some other benefits for seniors who get regular exercise:

Heart Health. Exercise strengthens all muscles, and the heart is one big muscle. A strong heart will take much less energy to pump the needed blood around the body. This is the biggest favor you do for your body to prevent heart disease.

Blood Vessels. Our blood vessels are flexible and as we age, exercise helps keep them that way. That promotes good blood flow and strong walls along the blood vessels and this helps prevent stroke.

Brain. Never do our brains need more blood flow as when we grow older. For seniors, this means more oxygen, healthier carotid arteries and less risk of stroke. It also helps keep memory sharp.

Weight. Exercise helps ALL of us lose unwanted pounds and seniors are no different! It helps to burn calories and speed up metabolism. This is crucial for seniors to stay as healthy as possible!

Smoking. Of course, if the person is smoking, they should take every measure to stop! Your doctor can help with a plan to do this. There are numerous studies that prove that smoking is dangerous at any age, but especially for seniors. It causes lung disease, makes breathing difficult, makes them more likely to develop pneumonia or COPD. Smoking makes exercise more difficult and it’s so crucial for seniors to stay as active as possible!

Remember, staying active doesn’t have to be hard! Just a brisk walk around the block can make a world of difference to our health!

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