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New Year, Same Commitment to Exceptional Care

Each New Year brings a promise of a new beginning. It’s a chance to wipe the slate clean and start anew. Many of us make resolutions to lose weight, eat healthier, devote more time to family, bring more energy to our work, etc.

I think we’d agree that those are all admirable things to pursue. In fact, any commitment to improve or get better at any aspect in our lives is preferable to staying in a damaging rut. January 1 is historically when most of us take a look and make these commitments. To everyone making a resolution to improve something in 2019, I wish you all the best and hope you succeed!

At Home Helpers, we’ve made Exceptional Care. Exceptional Caregivers®. our focus. We’re going to stick with that because it encapsulates everything we’re about. Year after year we find that this commitment is what drives our success. We celebrate it annually with our Exceptional Caregiver Awards and will continue to do so forever as far as I’m concerned.

But while our commitment remains the same, we’ll always look for ways to improve how we provide that Exceptional Care. Behind the scenes we’ve invested in new technology that provides clients and families more immediate feedback on scheduling, activities and any issues that need to be addressed. Using the Family Room feature on your laptop, tablet or mobile phone, you can get real time information about your loved one’s care.

We’re also developing new partnerships to help families pay for care and gain access to any earned benefits to which they’re entitled. We’ll be announcing these soon and I look forward to seeing how many additional families will get the in-home care they need for their loved ones.

So while our commitment remains the same, we will continue to look for every possible way to make our promise to provide Exceptional Care even stronger.  


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