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May is National Stroke Month: What to expect after a stroke

What to Expect After a Stroke. Rehabilitation after a stroke begins in the hospital, often within a day or two after the stroke. Rehab helps ease the transition from hospital to home and can help prevent another stroke. Recovery time after a stroke is different for everyone—it can take weeks, months, or even years. Some people recover fully, but others have long-term or lifelong disabilities. If you have had a stroke, you can make great progress in regaining your independence. However, some problems may continue.

May is National Stroke Month - Early Action is Critical for Stroke Survival

May is National Stroke Month. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Stroke kills about 140,000 Americans each year. That’s 1 out of every 20 deaths. Every year, more than 795,000 people in the United States have a stroke. About 600,000 of these are first-time strokes. Stroke is the fifth leading cause of death in America and a leading cause of adult disability. Yet, research shows that too few people know what a stroke is and how to recognize when stroke is happening.

Medication Adherence – The Right Pills at the Right Dose at the Right Time

Medication adherence, or taking medications correctly, is generally defined as the extent to which patients take medication as prescribed by their doctors. This involves factors such as getting prescriptions filled, remembering to take medication on time, and understanding the directions. Poor adherence can interfere with the ability to treat many diseases, leading to greater complications from the illness and a lower quality of life for patients. Our Medication Dispenser is a practical, low-cost solution that ensures you or your loved-one gets the right dose of medication at the right time.

Home for the Holidays: Do My Parents Need Help Around The Home

The Holiday season may provide a time to evaluate the needs of the family and whether adding a caregiver to the support system will make life easier for the entire family. For families living out of town, coming home for the holidays may raise a few warning signs about their parent’s ability to live independently. This guide will help you understand if your parents need some help around the home.

Recognizing National Caregiver Month

This month we recognize the many family members who are caring for loved ones who cannot care for themselves. These family caregivers take time out of their days to attend to their family in need.