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Caregiver Safety: Protecting Your Back from Injury

Caregivers are the backbone of our home care agency; by providing and meeting the individual care needs of those we serve. This is one of the reason why being and staying aware of our caregiver’s safety is an essential concern of Home Helpers of Westminster.

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!


Although Americans are healthier and living longer than ever, seniors are outliving their ability to drive safely by an average of 7 to 10 years. This is primarily due to impairments in three functions that are important for driving—vision, cognition, and motor function.

Celebrating and Supporting Military Families

Veterans and military families have the opportunity to support our communities through employment, business ownership, care recipients and advocates for veteran’s benefits. Our commitment to employment fulfills on the service-minded nature of military families. Home Helpers® Home Care provides the ultimate employment opportunity for trailing family members, and our partnership with MSEP (Military Spouse Employment Partnership) helps qualified military family members find careers with local Home Helpers offices.

Uber Health and Home Helpers: a new partnership

Uber Health and Home Helpers Home Care recently partnered efforts to build a larger network of resources available to our community and meet more health care needs. One of the benefits of this collaboration is that with one phone call to our office, clients are able to schedule our services and make transportation reservations without the use of a cell phone.

Talk About Medicine

Up to 93.5 million Americans who take one or more prescription drugs do not take them as prescribed (per a Kaiser Family Foundation report). Home Helpers® Home Care can help families start the conversation about how to take medications. To support these needs, our Exceptional Caregivers have been trained to aid families who experience a wide variety of care issues.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia: is there a difference?

Dementia and Alzheimer’s are often used interchangeable; however, there is a difference. Not all dementia patients have Alzheimer’s as Alzheimer’s is a type of dementia that also happens to be its most common cause. Approximately 65 percent of dementia patients have Alzheimer’s. Dementia is an encompassing term used describe multiple symptoms affecting brain function.

Constitution Week

Constitution Week is observed by the United States to commemorate the anniversary signing of the Constitution in 1787. September 17th is Citizenship Day and Constitution Day. A day when Americans nationally remember the anniversary signing of the U.S. Constitution by our forefathers on September 17, 1787 in effort to form a more perfect union.

Recognizing the Symptoms of Alzheimer’s

Currently, 5.7 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s. As the most common form of dementia, it is estimated that those numbers will continue to rise to as high as 16 million people affected by 2050. These figures from the Alzheimer’s Association ( are truly shocking, with someone developing the disease every 66 seconds.

UNDERSTANDING ALZHEIMER’S: Why early detection is important

Home Helpers® Home Care is dedicated to providing the most effective method of home care services regardless of your family’s unique situation, including elder care services that include Alzheimer’s Disease. As the most common form of dementia, Alzheimer’s currently does not have a cure. Perhaps you’ve seen the TV/print/online campaign, however, stating that the first survivor of Alzheimer’s is out there. Until then, however, it’s important to know the 10 early signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

Basic First Aid for Care Providers

This quick primer on common basic first aid procedures can get you through a minor crisis, at least until the paramedics arrive or you can get medical treatment.

Maintaining Senior Independence

Americans are more active and living longer. According to the National Institute for Aging, 89% of Americans over age 50 wish to remain in their homes as long as possible. Reasons they wish to age independently include:

Helping Seniors Remain Independent

As the U.S. ages, studies show 89% of Americans over age 50 want to remain home. America’s seniors desire to remain independent and living in their beloved homes. Home Helpers® Home Care provides resources for families to start the conversation on how their senior loved ones are able to “age in place” safely.

What is PTSD?

Often thought of as only affecting wartime Veterans, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) touches men, women, and children of all walks of life. June is recognized as PTSD Awareness Month. We invite you to learn more about this treatable illness by understanding the signs and symptoms, dispelling myths and stigma, and discovering key resources to continue learning.

Awareness Creates Understanding, Postraumatic Stress Disorder

There are many myths and misunderstandings about PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), which is why PTSD Awareness Month is an opportune time to understand the signs and symptoms, as well as to dispel any myths and stigma associated with PTSD, and understand that support and assistance is available.


Despite the common belief that stroke only occurs in the elderly, anyone can suffer a stroke at any time. In fact, while stroke has decreased in those over age 65, it has actually increased in younger generations of Americans. Statistics from 2014, 36% of those hospitalized for stroke in the US were under age 65.

Helpful Resources for Senior Nutrition

With March being Senior Nutrition Month, we have shared a lot on our blog about the importance of good nutrition. To help ease this transition, we have compiled a list of some helpful resources for you.

Senior Nutrition and Eating

Good nutrition and eating well are the most efficient ways to propel, anyone at any age, to their optimal health. When it comes to seniors with chronic health conditions; such as, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, high blood pressure, or diabetes; their nutrient needs become more complicated when attention to the amount of sodium, sugar, and anti-inflammatory ingredients are a concern.

Nutrition Needs Change as We Age

No matter our age, proper nutrition is important to living a healthy life. Knowing this doesn’t mean we always make the right choice when it comes to eating properly. However, if we don’t eat properly in the early and middle stages of our life, then it’s almost guaranteed there will be health consequences later.

Caregivers, Help Seniors Eat Properly

As we age, eating healthy and getting the proper nutrition from our food is more important than ever. According to the National Council on Aging, 80% of people who are over the age of 65 struggle with at least one type of chronic condition. Eating

March is Senior Nutrition Month

No matter our age, we’re all more aware of the impact proper nutrition makes in living a healthy life. But that doesn’t mean we always make the right choice when it comes to eating properly. And if we don’t eat properly in the early and middle stages of our life, then it’s almost guaranteed there will be health consequences later.

3 Simple Ways to Love Your Heart!

February boasts of many well-know and unusual celebrations. It is the month of Black History, National Bird Feeding, and Canned Food. This second month of the year is also recognized for holidays such as: Ground Hog Day, Bubble Gum Day, National Weatherman’s Day, Walking the Dog Day, Card Reading Day, and there is even Tell a Fairy Tale Day. February is most prominently distinguished as American Heart Month, and of course Valentine’s Day.

Water is Life

Approximately 60 percent of the adult body is composed or water. Water cleanses the body of waste, regulates body temperature through respiration and perspiration, lubricates joints, transports nutrients through the bloodstream, among others. As you can see, water is life.

Tips for Older Adults who Struggle with Sleeping

Studies show that up to 40 percent of older adults deal with sleeping problems. The most common issue for older adults includes falling asleep, staying asleep, and failing to fall into the deep sleep that our bodies need.

3 Easy New Year's Resolutions for Seniors

As people say goodbye to 2018 it is time to start fresh. Roughly half of Americans admit to making some sort of New Years resolution. Despite such a high percentage of individuals taking the leap to self-improvement, only about 8 percent of people actually follow through with achieving their resolution.

Online Dating for Seniors

If you are over 60 and think that online dating is just for young people, think again! According to research, people over 60 represent the most rapidly growing demographic in online dating.

Why Seniors Need a Furry Friend

Generally speaking, pets bring so much love and happiness to a household. This is especially true for seniors and is a huge reason why animals such as dogs and cats are used as therapy pets in hospitals and senior living communities.

5 Ways to build a Meaningful Connections with a Loved One Who has Dementia

If your loved one suffers from dementia and it begins to progress, it is inevitable that the memory loss was change the connection that you once had. With that said, it does not mean you still can’t have a meaningful connection with you senior loved one. There are many things that you can do to build and maintain a meaningful connection with a parent or senior loved one with dementia

Why Seniors Should Join a Knitting Club

People often take up knitting to create a variety of things such as socks, blankets, hats, and many more. What people do not know is that when they choose to knit, they are also choosing to benefit their health. Research indicates that regularly knitting has tremendous health benefits, and by joining knitting club seniors can improve their minds, moods, and spirits.

5 Senior-Friendly Holiday Activity Ideas

This holiday season can and should be fun for older adults even if they have cognitive and physical limitations. This time of year is all about spending time with the people who you love so make sure you are not excluding your elders because you are picking activities that they are unable to do.

Tips and Advice for your Thanksgiving Celebration

With Thanksgiving just a few days away, people all over the nation are preparing for their lavish feast. Thousands of turkeys will be purchased, prepared, and gobbled up. Oh and do not forget to save room a piece of scrumptious pumpkin pie! As your family members and friends gather together to feast, spend time together, and give thanks, Home Helpers wants to give you a couple of tips and advice on how to make your and your aging loved one’s Thanksgiving Day extra special.

Celebrating and Supporting Military Families

Westminster, CO- The challenges of both care and employment are issues military families face during and after duty. Additionally, employment challenges our military families face are often harsh. In fact, Blue Star Families, a nonprofit that advocates for armed forces families, noted military spouses have an unemployment rate four times the national average. Although obstacles like relocation and extra at-home demands pose a valid threat to employment for military spouses, Home Helpers has a wide range of options that can surely solve your problem.

Hospice and Palliative Care

November is a month to honor Hospice and Palliative Care. While this topic is generally difficult to discuss, it is important to bring awareness so individuals can have a better understanding of what it actually is.

3 Negative Effects of Sugar on your Brain

There is no secrete about it, Americans love sugar. Most people know that consuming foods high in sugar, and simple carbohydrates that convert to sugar, can lead to several health problems such as obesity, tooth decay, diabetes, and coronary artery disease. But what people do not know is that eating too much sugar can also have negative effects on your brain.

Getting a Loved One to Agree to Home Care

As our loved ones start to get older it is our responsibility to make sure they remain safe, healthy, and are getting the care they need. Ideally, family member would love to act as a caregiver for their loved ones, but sometimes life gets in the way and outside assistance is the best option.

3 Ways to Boost Brain Power in Seniors

Many of today’s older adults have been influenced by the long-time assumptions that the brain, mind and memory of an older person is a failing process. They turn to endless viewing of television, unhealthy eating and increased complaining while also increasing personal stress.

3 Reasons to Have Hope About the Future of Alzheimer’s Disease:

More than five million Americans are afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease, the sixth leading cause of death in the United States, which kills more of us than breast and prostate cancer. Experts estimate that as many as 16 million could be afflicted by 2050.

Safe at Home

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, one in three Americans over the age of 65 fall each year. Use the following checklist of safety precautions to eliminate some of the most common dangers for accidents at home.

Energy Conservation for those with Fatique

We all get worn out sometimes. But fatigue secondary to disability or aging can really interfere with the ability to function independently.


While combat veterans are often the first people we think of in association with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), others who have been through a serious traumatic event can also develop PTSD. In addition to war zone exposure, triggering events can include physical or sexual assault; serious accidents; natural or man-made disasters (such as a terrorist attack); and torture.

May is Brain Tumor Awareness Month

People who have brain tumors often experience unique challenges. In the process, types of brain tumors can impact core dynamics, influencing quality of life, survival, and prevention. National Brain Tumor Awareness Month is a heightened time for brain tumor patients, loved ones, and those working in the field to educate the public about brain tumors, and emphasize the importance of donations for brain tumor research.

Boogie Your Way into a Better Life Style

Australian researchers found that men and women with mood disorders that participated in a trial “Tango” instruction class, felt less depressed and experiences significant reductions in levels of stress, anxiety and sleep disorders.

The Ideal Senior Companion

Many people own pets, but no population needs one more than senior citizens. Owning a pet has many benefits that can help seniors feel better about their life and improve their health.

Seniors and Driving-When is it time to take the keys?

Many questions come to mind when a senior is involved in an automobile accident. How did this happen? Why was this senior driving when they shouldn’t have been? How could this have been prevented? Will they get behind the wheel again?

Why Are Seniors So Lonely?

Age brings many difficult changes that contribute to a more solitary life. One of the biggest issues for seniors is that their social circles begin to shrink as the years go by.

The Importance of Sharing our Mission, Vision and Value Statements with our Caregivers

Here at Home Helpers of Northwest Metro Denver, we like to provide a clear vision, succinct mission and shared values to our caregivers. These statements inspire and motivate our employees to bring their best to our clients by providing the picture of future success, the operating focus for the present and the guideposts for how we will work together for success.

Occurence Reporting for Dummies 101

Here at Home Helpers Westminster we talk to our caregivers a lot about Occurrence Reporting. Not only because it is mandatory to report occurrences and to have the conversation, but also because I think that it’s something that can be seen as frightening to a new home care provider.

About Time Senior Solutions

Kelli Squire, Dementia Support Specialist & Certified Care Manager, offers free consultations for individuals and families in order to assist them with the transition into life with dementia. She offers support and guidance on what steps to take after getting the diagnosis. She is very informative, and loves what she does!

Characteristics of a Good Caregiver

Caregivers are responsible for the care and well-being of others. Most people who go into this field are known for their sensitivity, their giving nature and their nurturing desire to help those in need. Care-giving typically entails responsibilities such as bathing, dressing, feeding and overseeing the safety and emotional needs of their charges. Some caregivers work in childcare positions, while others focus on geriatric home care or medical recovery. Most medical careers also feature a care-giving component, though the type of training necessary for various positions varies according to industry.

July Recognizes the Dilemma of the ‘Sandwich Generation’

Home Helpers of Westminster, we recognize the unique difficulties faced by the so-called “Sandwich Generation”—i.e., those folks who are in the postion of caring for both your younger (or even young adult) children as well as your own aging parents. And sandwich might be too kind of a term, since often you’re getting pressed (and stressed) from all sides; the “Panini Generation” might be more accurate!

June is Senior's Month

How can you involve your senior relatives or friends this summer? Story time! Get grandparents and grandkids together to read and tell stories! Create a family tree! It’s fun for the whole family, and you get to learn a little bit about your history!

7 Keys of Stroke Prevention

You can't reverse the years or change your family history, but there are many other stroke risk factors that you can control—provided that you're aware of them. If you know that a particular risk factor is sabotaging your health and predisposing you to a higher risk of stroke, you can take steps to alleviate the effects of that risk.

May is National Mental Health Awareness Month

On May 1, 2017 President Donald J. Trump proclaimed May 2017 as National Mental Health Awareness Month. In his proclamation he states, “National Mental Health Awareness Month is a time to recognize the millions of American families affected by mental illness and to redouble our efforts to ensure that those who are suffering get the care and treatment they need."

7 Truths About Organ Donation

April is National Donate Life Month. It’s a time to celebrate those who have been donors and given the gift of life. It’s also an opportunity to educate people about the difference they can make by choosing to be an organ, eye and tissue donor.

What Medical Expenses Can Be Written Off on Taxes?

Many caregivers and their elderly parents accrue thousands of dollars every year in medical expenses. Co-pays, deductibles, even the amount of gas used to get to doctor's appointments, are expenses not covered by Medicare and add up quickly.

My Dancing Day by Willie Burge

With permission, our friend Willie is blessing our website with his beautiful poetry. His Home Helpers Home Care caregiver, Mary Longie, is also pictured here.

Special Event! Veteran's Resource Fair at Covenant Village

Nearly 65 Veterans (men and women) live at Covenant Village of Colorado, a not-for-profit, faith-based retirement community. We are grateful for the sacrifices our Veterans made as they served during wartime.

Comparing End-of-Life Care Options

When people are facing the end of life, whether it is themselves or a loved one, it can be very difficult to decide between all the care options that are available. There are many factors to consider, which may complicate the picture for caregivers who are often faced with arranging proper end-of-life care in a timely manner.

Resolutions: To Make or Not to Make, That is the Question!

You may have noticed by now that resolutions almost never stick. Frankly, I think New Year Resolutions are a waste of time. They’re typically born from a place of failure, hurt, and self-abuse. And they set you up for more of the same.

Aging Gracefully with Yoga

According to Yoga Journal, 2.9 million Americans age 55 years or older regularly practice yoga for its health benefits. In a culture that worships youth and frames aging as a process of loss, yoga honors the aging process.

Honoring the Family Caregiver

As the calendar turns to November, we would like to take a moment to recognize and thank caregivers during National Caregivers Month. At Home Helpers, our caregivers play an important role in the well-being of our clients, and we try hard to honor and appreciate the exceptional work they do on a daily basis.

Is it Time for Help in the Home?

Sometimes, reuniting with family can show how much Mom, Dad, or other aging loved ones have changed over the past months, or even, year.

Sundowner's Syndrome: Confusion in the Twilght

Have you noticed in your client or loved one with dementia, a change in attitude later in the day? It may be extra confusion, sadness, agitation or fear just before dark. This may mean they have that added extra problem of Sundowners Syndrome.

Urinary Tract Infection-We are on the Front Line to Recovery

A urinary ract infection (UTI) is an infection in any part of the urinary system, from the kidneys to the bladder and urethra. Most infections are generally found in the lower urinary tract—the bladder and the urethra. Mostly women are at greater risk than men.

September is Healthy AGING Month

September's observance is designed to focus on the positive aspects of growing older. Here are five ideas to take stock of where you are and where you want to be.

Does Obesity Lead to More Nursing Home Admissions?

In a study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, researchers examined the care that obese older adults receive when they are admitted to nursing homes. This study was designed to find out whether obese older adults were as likely as non-obese elders to be admitted to nursing homes that provided an appropriate level of care.

The Importance of Personal Health

When your loved ones age, they are at risk of numerous health and injury issues. However, by hiring a home health care service to look after them, it will boost their personal health and improve their quality of life. Based in the Northwest Metro area of Denver, CO, Home Helpers Westminster has emerged as one of the most trusted and sought-after home care caregivers in the region.

Handling a Common Senior Problem- Incontinence

As we approach old age the type of problems we face change. It doesn’t seem fair that now that the wisdom of years has now settled on the elderly they have to face the degradation of the body.

Dementia: Help is on the Way

Dementia is a loss of brain function that affects memory, thinking, and behavior. The memories thoughts and behaviors will probably not be lost at once like the effects of a stroke, but are more profound over time as the brain becomes less efficient at sorting things out.

Four Benefits of Home Health Care in Westminster

With the help of home care caregivers, seniors can choose to remain in their homes for the duration of their lives, enjoying their freedom and independence while still receiving the care they need. At Home Helpers Westminster in Colorado, they provide personalized home health care plans to meet all individual lifestyle and health needs.

Music Therapy and the Family Member with Dementia

Since World War II, neurologists and music professionals have discovered that music does not only soothe a troubled mind, but have found that it stimulates the brain on many levels. These levels include those places that process emotion which stores memory where a person may draw that is not stored in the logical memory areas.

Seniors! Celebrate your Independence!

You may ask: Freedom from what? A good question. Let’s analyze what many seniors are not happy about, first. Among the elderly, the answers are familiar to caregivers.

Preventing Alzheimer's Naturally

While there may be a genetic predisposition to Alzheimer's disease, it is a primarily preventable disease. An unhealthy diet high in sugar and trans fats, lack of both mental and physical exercise, and a highly stressful life is generally at the root of the problem.

Top Reasons for Senior Emergency Room Visits

By the year 2030, nearly one in five persons in the United States will be aged 65 or older. This older population will make up the majority of the people visiting the emergency room in the coming years, due to several factors.

June is Cataract Awareness Month

“Cataract is a clouding of the eye’s lens which blocks or changes the passage of light into the eye. Unlike many eye diseases, however, vision loss due to cataract can be restored. Cataract surgery is one of the most commonly performed procedures in the United States and has a 95 percent success rate. And, a new study found that cataract surgery patients had a significantly reduced rate of hip fractures from falls.”

June is Aphasia Awareness Month

In a previous article we covered some of the effects of a stroke. We learned that each stroke and stroke victim are unique. One of the conditions that affect stroke victims is aphasia.

Retirement Planning Never Stops

As we enter the last years of life as we know it, we find out we did not know some of the events that would change our life as we thought we knew it. We may abandon any plans we made or forget to make any plans at all as a result of avoiding making subsequent errors in plans.

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