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Retirement Planning Never Stops

By Our Care Coordinator, John Heyworth

Retirement Planning Never Stops


As we enter the last years of life as we know it, we find out we did not know some of the events that would change our life as we thought we knew it. We may abandon any plans we made or forget to make any plans at all as a result of avoiding making subsequent errors in plans. We need help from others to make decisions that not only affect us but our loved ones also. We need to have that “talk”. That talk needs to happen with relatives and those who are willing to help as soon as possible. through Venture Medical, offers 30 questions that need to be answered for a good retirement plan to be made or a great retirement plan to be adjusted in the future. For brevity we would like to cover about 10 of these for now.

 Living at Home-Can I get around comfortably and safely in my home, even if my health declines?

 Staying Active and Staying Social- Do I have a network of friends in the area where I live? Are there opportunities for me to stay active during the day?

Managing Finances-Am I able to pay important bills such as home and utility bills in a timely manner? Does my family have access to all necessary assets such as property deeds, a will, legal documents, account information and safety deposit boxes?

 Driving and Transportation- Do I drive my care enough to justify the cost of ownership, compared to all the costs of getting rides from friends, public transportation or ride shares?

Living with Adult Children- If I am living with grandchildren or great-grandchildren, what role would I have in helping to raise them? Would I be expected to contribute financially? Would I need paid help at home?

Residential and Assisted Living- As my health declines, would I be able to stay in a facility near home and family? There are many more important issues to talk about

Please add more to these and refer to the other questions offered in the article at always, the caregivers of Home Helpers Home Care will be happy to assist you in your planning as the world changes around you. Call and make an at-home appointment with us to assess your needs with you.