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Stroke Awareness: Caring Together

By Brought to you by our Care Coordinator, John Heyworth

May is Stroke Awareness Month:

Caring Together

Brought to you by our Care Coordinator, John Heyworth.

Two heads are better than one.  More than one or two heads can make a difference for good in the care of a stroke victim.  Since every stroke and stroke survivor are different, no one method of care is right for all.  Once the first assessment is made on the recovery of a loved one, adjustments must be made continually throughout the ordeal by those who are included in a health care team.


This article is paraphrased from an article found on the National Stroke Association website, Chapter 2 – “Setting Up Your Care Team”.

A health care team is a group of people assembled by the stroke survivor, caregiver(s) and/or family of the stroke survivor.  The care team may consist of not only health care professionals, but also friends, neighbors, employers, and family members.  Consider the care team to be three parts: the medical care team, rehab care team, and personal care team.  These three partial teams share the workload and allow you as the most responsible team member time to focus on the stroke survivor, his/her recovery and daily activities and the ability to take proper care of yourself.


The medical care team includes the neurologist, primary care provider, home healthcare worker and other specialists involved in the more complex tests and medical procedures.


The rehab care team is involved in facilitating the post-stroke recovery therapy.  The case manager’s or social worker’s job is to participate in discharge planning, coordination of services and connecting stroke survivors with local resources.  This case manager or social worker will line up the Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist, Speech Therapist, Vocational Therapist, and/or Physiatrist for whatever is needed for the best recovery.


The personal care team addresses the immediate concerns and assigns responsibilities in managing child care, housekeeping, meal preparation, grocery shopping, laundry, lawn care, and pet care.  They assist on the front lines, to maintain the new and acceptable routine, custom fit for hour to hour daily care.  From the article: “It is also beneficial for you or the stroke survivor to educate the personal care team members about stroke and the rehab process, as well as the stroke survivor’s needs and goals.”

Our Home Helpers home care team provides excellent caregiving skills for care of stroke victims. Please call us for an assessment at 303-412-5534.