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Resolutions: To Make or Not to Make, That is the Question!

By Kelly A. Petty, Marketing Manager

You may have noticed by now that resolutions almost never stick.

Frankly, I think New Year Resolutions are a waste of time. They’re typically born from a place of failure, hurt, and self-abuse. And they set you up for more of the same.

I like to stack the deck for absolute success. The first step is to failure-proof your intention for the New Year.

Here’s what to do instead…

Instead of resolutions set a THEME for the year.

Setting a theme is like choosing a flavor for the year. A context. What the year will be about. It’s not a fixing thing. It’s a growing thing.

My theme often grows out of what I want to learn and experience this year. I also tune into what’s ready to happen. And EVERYTHING gets accomplished. It just happens. Every year. Without forcing or failure.

Unlike goals, which work best when they’re super specific, a Theme should be general, even vague. The idea is simple – choose a single word that resonates with you as something you would like more of in your daily life, and use it as a theme to focus on throughout the upcoming year. A theme is gentler than a rigid resolution, and allows you to come back to it when you get off track throughout the year. Some examples to get your creative juices flowing are: mindfulness, enjoyment, movement, nourish, intention, simplify, strengthen, play or adventure.

Leave room to be surprised by what shows up and how the theme reveals itself.

We all need change. However, one big decision probably isn’t going to do it. Sorry. So now what? Choose your theme and then go easy on yourself. Will you change? Maybe. However, it probably won’t happen in one big moment but rather a thousand little moments. Change happens every time you choose to forgive, or slow down or be grateful or stay calm, when you choose what’s right instead of what is easy, faith instead of doubt, and love instead of hate that is where the change happens. Even if you fail one or two or thirty times, it’s okay, you have thousands of little moments ahead of you. Enjoy the ride.

Kelly Petty, MA

Marketing Manager Home Helpers Home Care