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Summer activities for Seniors and Caregivers

By Kaitlyn Erdman

Summer activities with Seniors and Caregivers


Family caregivers are charged with helping their senior loved one stay physically fit, but they also must look after their family member's emotional and mental well-being. This means ensuring that the older adult in their life is entertained and active, whether he or she lives at home or an assisted living community. If you're a family caregiver looking for some ways to have fun with your senior loved one this summer, then we have some ideas for you:


Creating the perfect picnic

No summer would be complete without a good picnic. Heading out to a shady spot with your blanket, basket and plenty of delicious food is always fun, but you can increase the enjoyment by preparing the a la carte cuisine with your loved one. Gather together at your home or your family member's retirement community to whip up a few special and healthy treats.


Cultivate your green thumb

Gardening is an activity that many older adults enjoy, and for good reason. Not only does it allow them to be in touch with nature, but it also helps them stay active and get their blood pumping. Consider planting a few flowers or vegetables with your loved one this summer - you'll both be thrilled when your plants start to sprout or blossom later in the season.


Beat the heat

When the temperature gets up into the 80s and 90s, it's not safe for older adults to be outside for long periods of time. But that doesn't mean you can't plan a cool activity with your loved one. The next time your community is hit with a heat wave, suggest taking a trip to a nearby museum, art exhibit, movie theater or shopping mall. You'll be able to stay cool in the air conditioning while still spending some time together.


Get in on the activities

If your loved one lives at a retirement community, then you can expect that he or she will be invited to many fun activities throughout the summer. Often, friends and family are welcomed to join in the fun. For example, you may be able to cool off with your family member by participating in a water aerobics class at the community fitness center, or perhaps you'll meet some of your loved one's friends by attending an on-site barbecue.