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About Time Senior Solutions

By Kaitlyn Erdman

You, or your loved one, has just been diagnosed with Dementia… Now what?

Dementia can not only be difficult for those with the diagnosis, but also difficult for family members and caregivers. About Time Senior Solutions offers dementia education, training and coping strategies to help when caring for someone with a dementia diagnosis. They offer educational workshops that the whole family can attend.

These workshops include…

Are you Dementia Aware?

 Focuses on helping care partners or family members with four objectives:

  • Understanding the Difference Between Normal Aging and Not Normal Aging
  • Dementia Behaviors and Red Flags
  • Comfortable Communicating With a Person With Dementia


Tis The Season: Holidays, Family Dynamics & Dementia

Make the most of your time together. The workshop focuses on helping you to plan for the holiday season by offering strategies to create a positive outcome.


The Unexpected Journey

Break the stigma of living with dementia and focus on embracing your new world in a positive way.

  • Dementia Isn’t a Dirty Word
  • No Regrets, Adventure Before Dementia
  • You Can’t Pour From an Empty Cup
  • Saying Goodbye to What Was and Living for What Is


What Now? Lets Talk Dementia

You have a diagnosis of dementia, now what happens?

  • Driving Me Crazy, the Driving Issue
  • Down the Road
  • We’ll Be Friends Until We’re Old, Then We’ll Be New Friends
  • Home, safe and sound


They’re Not Doing This On Purpose

Increase your knowledge of dementia and learn about communicating with someone who has a diagnosis.

  • Be Dementia Aware
  • See, Listen, Feel
  • Detect to Connect and Communicate
  • Today I Choose Joy


Changing Personalities, Behaviors and Relationships

Understand what’s happening to your loved one as dementia progresses

  • The Four A’s: Anger, Aggression, Anxiety and Agitation
  • No, They Aren’t Crazy! A Discussion on Hallucinations, Delusions and Paranoia
  • This is NOT My Loved One: Exploring Relationship Changes
  • When Things Go Wrong, Go With It


If you, or someone you know, has been diagnosed with dementia, learning about the disease will help you and them cope with their new reality. There is so much we still don’t know about dementia and the life it can create. Support your friends and family by learning as much as you can about this disease.

Kelli Squire is a Dementia Support Specialist, Certified Care Manager and Owner of About Time Senior Solutions. Kelli's passion is to help people and their families touched by dementia, find the necessary resources to make the most of their time. Connecting with the "right" resources is key to fostering a positive, supportive and stigma free environment for you and your loved one. 

Kelli believes in helping people with a dementia diagnosis, their families and care partners to create the best environment through training, resources and an increase in awareness to provide a better quality of life, create better relationships and encourage people with memory loss to socially engage. 
Alzheimer's Training and Education
Kelli's educational background in dementia consist of the following:  
Boston University Center for Aging and Disability Education and Research
Certified Care Manager

Alzheimer’s Association of Colorado
  • Recognized by The Alzheimer’s Association of Colorado as a Leader In Dementia Care
  • Alzheimer’s Association Speaker’s Bureau
  • Facilitates a monthly Memory Café for people with a dementia diagnosis and their care partners
  • Facilitates Early Stage 8 week courses for people with a diagnosis and their care partners
  • Outreach Committee Co-Chair for The Boulder Walk to End Alzheimer’s

Teepa Snow’s Positive Approach to Care

PAC Certified Independent Trainer

Trains and educates philosophy, care strategies and techniques by Teepa Snow, one of America’s leading educators on Dementia.

Community Involvement:

Kelli is dedicated to meeting the needs of individuals, families, and caregivers who are working to manage dementia through her involvement in the community, which includes:

  • Committee member for A Dementia Friendly America Initiative in Boulder County
  • Leader/Facilitator for Boulder Inter Agency on Aging, which is comprised of representatives of public and private, for-profit and non-profit agencies and facilities serving the senior community in the Boulder County area.  
  • Folks In Aging participant, a group that partners with Boulder County Area Agency on Aging to provide valuable services and resources for Boulder County.

Fun Fact about Kelli: Her aura color is turquoise! It symbolizes a sensitive, compassionate, loving and intuitive energy - that of a healer or therapist.  

Kelli Squire, Dementia Support Specialist & Certified Care Manager