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Caregivers, Help Seniors Eat Properly

By Gretchen Ellsmore: Community Blogger

Caregivers, Help Seniors Eat Healthy

Senior Nutrition is a key to quality of life


Today’s Americans are more aware of the benefits of proper nutrition more than any other time in our history. Still, that doesn’t mean we all make the right choices. As we age, eating healthy and getting the proper nutrition from our food is more important than ever. According to the National Council on Aging, 80% of people who are over the age of 65 struggle with at least one type of chronic condition. Eating well, staying hydrated, getting a good night’s sleep, and exercising can make a huge difference in their health and sense of well-being.


Home Helpers® Home Care of Westminster, Colorado employs Exceptional Caregivers who have been trained to provide top-notch home help services for seniors. These duties include but are not limited to helping with grocery shopping, preparing meals, companionship, and assistance with activities of daily living. It’s up to each family to decide the level of care needed, which we can adjust as needed.


At Home Helpers®, we understand the vital role proper nutrition plays in the quality of life for seniors. We realize the importance that all our clients receive proper nutrition; especially, those with chronic conditions such as: diabetes, high blood pressure, COPD and heart disease. Our Caregivers insure that each individual client receives the necessary diet alterations and specifications for their particular health needs.


For more information on Home Helpers® Home Care of Westminster, please visit our website at or contact us at 303-412-5534 to schedule a free consultation.