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Welcome to Minot - The Magic City!

Minot was founded in 1886. The community became known as the “Magic City” because as the railroad was making its way through town, winter hit. The townspeople said the town went up so fast it was practically up overnight….like magic! That same feeling has been happening the past few years as an energy boom has hit the area. With projections of a population reaching 50,000 by 2020, the community is preparing with new housing, infrastructure, including a new airport, and recreational facilities. North Dakota is now number two in the nation in oil production. But Agriculture is still the state’s number one industry. It’s what the state is known for, the reason our ancestors came to North Dakota.

Take a moment to learn more about this community to see what Minot has to offer in the way of entertainment, parks, shopping and so much more. Discover what truly makes Minot magic!

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Our History

The Minot COA was started to connect seniors with services so that they may continue to live in their homes with health and dignity.

Our Board

There shall be fifteen directors appointed by the Mayor of Minot. The term shall be three years or until a successor has been qualified and appointed.


To promote understanding of the various problems of the senior citizens and elderly in the city, to promote and implement various programs to help meet the needs and solve the problems of senior citizens including transportation of the elderly and disabled and meals - on- wheels, to accept contributions of cash, materials, pledges, machinery or any other type of gift or contribution for the purpose of promoting programs and solving the problems of senior citizens and elderly persons in the City of Minot and surrounding area.

Mission Statement

To assist senior citizens so that they may remain in their homes and retain their independence.

"There’s no place like home."
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