How Home Helpers Works

We understand and appreciate that consumers in this region have many choices for home care, and recognize that the decision to initiate private duty care is an emotional and financially-significant one. Therefore, we strive to delight our customers with their home care experience with Home Helpers. In so many ways, we make the process seamless for our potential clients, always seeking to reduce the stress of care decisions, every step of the way:

  • The first step is an initial call with a Home Helpers owner or experienced professional, usually one of our regional managers.
  • The initial conversation will be our potential client’s moment to share background information about the situation and explain the care needed. Our role is to be empathetic and active listeners and to guide, as appropriate, based on the caller’s feedback.
  • If the fit is appropriate for both sides, we establish a time for a complimentary home consultation so that our nurses can be introduced to the relationship that we are seeking to build with our clients.
  • The home consultation can be arranged quickly (sometimes that same day) if our clients’ needs are imminent, and can occur in the home, or even in a hospital or rehab facility, prior to discharge. If our potential clients’ loved ones are just information gathering, and do not want to involve the care recipient just yet, we could even meet outside of the care setting. In other words, we flex to meet your needs.
  • Our nurses are a wealth of information and a tremendous resource to our potential clients and their families, with decades of experience. They are always ready, with information, tips or training, to help lighten the stressful caregiving situation that so many find themselves thrust into.
  • If clients elect to proceed with Home Helpers, we execute basic agreements (per our licensure) that address scope of service, duration and frequency of shifts, pricing, payment terms and other administrative matters.
  • Care is sometimes needed quickly, and we occasionally are asked to provide same day, or rapid response, care with our available and highly skilled on-call caregivers. Generally, however, the process of selecting caregivers begins immediately after the home consultation, as members of the local Client Care Team collaborate to find the right “fit.” Caregiver to Client Matching is at the core of our business, and vital to client satisfaction. We all know how important the right fit is in any situation – especially relationships. Home Helpers realizes this fact also, and recognizes that everyone has unique care needs, let alone personality and lifestyle. If we need to make changes to assigned caregivers, we work with our clients to get it right, promptly.
  • Because we understand the common initial resistance to care, and sensitivity of having a stranger in the home, Home Helpers strives to introduce each caregiver for their first shift. Ideally, the initial introduction is done by the RN, who is best positioned to explain our new clients’ care needs. Established and stable clients also receive our attention regarding new caregiver introductions, which are often facilitated by other caregivers, who are most knowledgeable about their clients’ care.
  • Home Helpers understands that its clients’ needs are special and unique. Services needed at one moment in time, can quickly change and become more comprehensive. Many times, paying for these services and coordinating your loved one’s care can be challenging and overwhelming. The Home Helpers® TotalCare Plan™ provides our clients with a flexible, customized and changeable action plan for care coverage at every touch point. Because of our established position and longevity in the marketplace, we have a wide network of trusted community resources, with which we have long-standing relationships. These would include, for example, Medical Home Healthcare agencies, Rehab services, Aging Lifecare experts, Durable Medical Equipment companies, Geriatric Physicians, Adult Day Service providers, Hospice care, Elder Law attorneys, and more.