What are our Clients saying?

PDF Testimonial from the Kulp Family, Sellersville, PA

PDF Testimonial from Angela C., Flourtown

The journey that took us from son and daughter-in-law to the unchartered waters of caregivers and power of attorney could not have been realized without the incredible support of Home Helpers.

It is daunting to have to coordinate every day of your parent’s life while juggling work and your own kids/family - Home Helpers was invaluable in that way.

We had 2 parents with a lot of challenges and Home Helpers was there for us throughout the 6+ years process from the need for companionship to the many challenges that followed as my parents progressed to a move to Assisted Living- It doesn’t stop there as Home Helpers was an integral part in being our eyes and ears while our parents lived at Assisted Living and our parents looked forward to seeing their trusted caregiver.  We were there almost every day but that doesn’t mean you don’t need Home Helpers.  Trust me on this - even the community’s staff is appreciative of the extra help!

My brother and sister in law went down the same path with her parents, and so they hired Home Helpers as well.   After having seen what Home Helpers did for the other 2 parents and family, it wasn’t even a question as to who to hire. 

We just lost the last of the 4 parents this past week and so this chapter ends and I can tell you that our families will forever be grateful that Home Helpers was there for us all these years (February 2011 to March 2017) and I would tell anyone who is starting to feel that help might be needed to know that the journey will have just begun and you need the help now whether you know it now or not.   Even if for a few hours a week and then you will progress from there.  Been there and done that…Home Helpers is your help and savior as well

~ Dave P., Lansdale


Please extend our warmest regards to Dawn, Ellen and Barb - they made my father’s last weeks bearable and were so incredible to my parents and to my family. They are truly kind and wonderful ladies - you are so lucky to have them. They are so genuinely caring and treated my family as if they were their own family - that doesn’t happen very often today. I believe the type of people that you employ is a direct reflection of the owners.  It is clear to me how well you must treat the people that work for you - they give it back to your clients tenfold.  We found you through NP Hospice for a reason.  I don’t think that you really fully realize how important the services that you provide are to families that are in situations like ours.  You did everything right - you are in a very tough business and I am sure some days you might ask yourselves, "Why do we continue to do what we do?" Just know that you do it for families like ours - who are in tragic and sad situations, that are losing someone that they love, that need some help. The services that you provide are so important and the way that you provide them are just as important - you deliver what you say that you will deliver, in a way that most other agencies can’t come close to.

We can’t say thank you enough - all we can say is to keep doing what you are doing and continue to be there for other families in the way that you were there for us.

~ Kristine H., Lansdale   


 “I felt very fortunate to have your all-inclusive help when leaving the rehab hospital, to enable me to go home alone.  It is what every doctor should order!  Patti was a jewel!  Nothing was too much for her to do and she did not have to be asked.  She intuitively knew what was on my mind.  Her spirits were a breath of fresh air…I miss her.”

~ Pat M., Flourtown, PA


“Home Helpers was a godsend for our family!  The owners and their RN, Sharon, are terrific folks who have a staff of very caring individuals.  Our mom, although she was 95 and very independent, started falling.  Consequently, we decided to employ Home Helpers to give her “company” for a few hours every couple of days.  A few months later she fell and broke her hip.  After returning home from rehab we set up a schedule for daily visits with Home Helpers.  Home Helpers took the time to see what Mom’s interests were and brought in caregivers to meet both her needs and interests.  Consequently, Mom’s days were filled with card playing, story telling and all the things she enjoyed doing.  The caregivers became her friends and “spoiled” her while my husband and I were working, which she loved!  She always looked forward to spending time with her “new friends”.  We are so grateful that we found an agency like Home Helpers.  I recommend them highly.”

~ Cathy S., Hatfield, PA


 “My 94-year-old father fell violently ill with a strep infection in the blood.  Not only were we confronted with losing him in an awful way, but the disease rendered him absolutely helpless. My nightmare was the proposition from the doctors and nurses to transfer him from the hospital to a nursing home with a very scary intravenous line inserted. Mentally he was very much himself and a delight to everyone who came in contact with him. Physically he needed 24-hour care. I knew I would never let my kind, wonderful father go anywhere but back home with my husband and me.  I consider it a gift from God that I was introduced to Home Helpers by a woman who used the agency herself and considered them a lifesaver in caring for her mother. Home Helpers became my "right arm".  They provided not only fabulous, reliable caregivers, but they never missed a step with coordinating schedules.  My husband and I could also take a day now and then to get away, knowing my father and our home were in capable hands.  We lost my father over a year later, just shy of his 96th birthday. Home Helpers enabled us to give him the quality of life he so deserved, and I would enthusiastically refer them to everyone.”

~ Dee W., Fort Washington, PA


“My life has changed since Home Helpers.  Don’t know if I would make it through this move without your help.  Your caregivers are wonderful.  Deb and Mary Jo are out of this world.”

~ Lucy S., Hatfield, PA


“When my mother moved back to PA she entered an Assisted Living facility. She adjusted very well to the new environment and thrived in this community. As the months went by, my mother needed more hands-on care and companionship. We enlisted Home Helpers to come three times a week. She really enjoyed the friendly and compassionate care provided by the caregivers. As her health deteriorated we increased care to five days and eventually seven days. It gave me great comfort and peace of mind to know that my mother was in good hands when I was at work, or out of town. During her last days, the loving attention the caregivers’ helped provide her the dignity and respect every person deserves at the end of life.

Months later as I reflect on those times I am confident that my mother’s every need was addressed and I had the best possible care for her. I’d recommend Home Helpers for anyone needing assistance in caring for a loved one. It was instrumental in returning quality and peace to my every day life.”

~ Bernadette W., Blue Bell, PA


“It is with sincere gratitude that I wish to thank Home Helpers.  When my Dad broke his hip last summer, he was discharged from the hospital and returned to his assisted living facility.  He was far more dependent than is customarily allowed in this facility, but he was desperate to be "home" again.  With little more than a day’s notice, Home Helpers arranged for personal companions to be with my father for 10 hours a day.  They painstakingly scheduled their employees so that Dad could be secure in seeing the same faces day after day. 

Six weeks later, it became obvious that Dad needed to be transferred to a nursing home.  One particular aide, who became a favorite of Dad’s, continues to see him one afternoon a week, offering companionship and easing the adjustment to this transition.  I can’t thank Home Helpers enough for their professionalism and compassion during what was a difficult period for our family.”

~ Lisa H., North Wales, PA


“We first called Home Helpers when our mom wanted to remain independent, but needed a little ‘extra help’ during the day.  Since I work full-time and my siblings did not live quite nearby, their services were truly a lifesaver to our entire family!  All of the caregivers provided for her needs in an exceptionally compassionate manner.  She looked forward to their visits and thought of them as part of her extended family.  Each one of the staff members treated our mom with dignity and respect – it’s difficult to put into words the exemplary degree of personalized treatment she received with each visit.  We are sincerely appreciative of the many times Home Helpers allowed our family tremendous peace of mind just knowing that our mom was in the care of such kind, trustworthy individuals.  We have recommended their services to close friends and associates without hesitation.”

~ Rosemary C., North Wales, PA


“Our mother’s health quickly turned for the worst when she was diagnosed with dementia.  My sisters and I all live in different states which made it very difficult to care for her ourselves and continue with our lives so far away from her.  We wanted a skilled caregiver that had worked with elderly people with dementia before.  We also wanted someone that we could trust to let us know how our mother was doing while we were away.  Home Helpers was able to not only provide an excellent caregiver to match our Mother’s needs but also an instant friend and companion for our whole family.  Now my mom is able to go wherever she wants and has a friend and caregiver to help her enjoy life each and every day.  We are so grateful and even when we come home we include our caregiver as if she is family.  Thank you, Home Helpers, for helping us have peace of mind. "

 ~ Laura S., and the whole family, Blue Bell, PA


“Our Mom became very ill in March of 2007.  After coming home from the hospital visiting nurses were assigned to her care.  My wife and I were both working and were taking time off from work to care for my Mom and Dad.  Home Helpers was recommended to us from the visiting nurses as a possible way to obtain some help.  We called the owners, they immediately responded and within days we had put in place a care plan for our parents.  Home Helpers approached our situation with personal care.  They evaluated Mom and together we put in place a plan with the flexibility we needed to take care of our parents and to keep our life in balance. 

We also want to say that the people who they employee invest from a personal human care perspective with their clients.  Today, we continue to work with Home Helpers and if we did not have them our parents would have been in a home by now.  Instead they have been nurtured and cared for and their current health situation has improved.  They still maintain their independence and Home Helpers helped us create a total care network.”

~ John P., Hatfield, PA


“My husband and I moved to PA in April to help take care of our disabled toddler granddaughter. Before we had even unpacked, my husband had to have heart surgery.  I am disabled. Home Helpers came to our rescue.  Their friendly efficient caregivers watched over my husband and helped me unpack. Together we made our new apartment into a lovely home.

Because of our multiple disabilities, we have lots of crises.  We often call Frank on short notice and he has never failed us.  We consider Patty and Mary Jo to be miracle workers tackling every task with good humor and boundless energy. Home Helpers is an essential part of our care network.  We couldn’t manage without them.” 

~ Mary Ellen S., Lansdale, PA


“I had been worrying how I would take care of my disabled mom while she was visiting me when I had to be at work - she can’t drive and can get distressed when she’s lonely.  I was picking up my dry cleaning when I saw the nameplate on the back door of the office building.  I thought, huh, I wonder if this is the kind of agency I need?  I raced home, looked up the company online and left a message that Saturday night!  I got a call on Monday morning and a great partnership was born.  Home Helpers has always managed to fill in whatever time slots I need - morning, noon, night - weekends, often on short notice.  They don’t just send out a warm body, either.  They introduce an employee who is committed, caring and always goes above and beyond the call of duty.  With a disabled mom and a special-needs two year old, I need a lot of help and I never have to worry that I won’t get it.  I am so happy that Home Helpers is here and I recommend them to everyone I know!“

~ Rita R., Lansdale, PA


“Four months ago, my 95-year old mother, who still maintained her own apartment, suffered a stroke.  After spending time in the hospital and rehab in a nursing home I was faced with caring for her daily needs, as well as juggling the demands of my much-needed full time job.  We decided not to uproot her from her apartment, since we felt it would be a safer environment and she would still be around familiar surroundings.  So my husband and I began the arduous task of finding someone to help us during the day.  We made several phone calls to agencies, but when I spoke to Home Helpers, I knew this was the place I needed.  The owners, Frank and Greg, and their nurse, Sharon are professional in their ethics, compassionate, and understanding to the needs of the elderly as well as to the needs of the stressed-out caretakers.  They provided kind, caring and patient people to be with my mother during the day and sometimes nights if needed.  I don’t know what I would have done without them.  It’s an amazing organization and I’m so thankful for their kind, quick responses.  Whenever I need them, they are there.  They are sounding blocks when I need to talk and they listen so patiently.  There is no one else I would recommend.”

~ Carolyn C., Lansdale, PA


“When we knew that Mom was no longer able to live alone, she and I decided that she would come live with us.  At first, she was able to be alone during the day, but within a few months, she began to deteriorate.  I tried having friends come in to check on her, but it was soon evident that we needed more help during the day when I was out at work.  Home Helpers was able to provide the support that we needed.  They came out and interviewed Mom and I so that they clearly understood her care needs, and then made their staffing decisions based on that assessment.  When we found the right person to be a companion for Mom and help her with showering, dressing, and meals, they became friends.  Mom looked forward to her coming and enjoyed not being alone during the day.  As my mother’s dementia progressed, I appreciated the peace of mind I gained knowing that she was taken care of when I was at work and that I no longer had to worry about her at home.  It was a win-win situation.  As a nurse myself, I really appreciated the professionalism of home helpers and their willingness to find the "right fit" for my mother.  I would highly recommend Home Helpers.”

~ Rose M., Willow Grove


"We are so grateful for Home Helpers and our mother’s companion/friend, Carol.  Mom has been at in a nursing home in Lansdale for 10 years, and dad for 4 years until his death in 2002.  We have been with Home Helpers for about 2 years and the quality of the caregivers/companions and the management personnel is outstanding.  We used another agency from 1996 until we found Home Helpers and the difference is like night and day.  No matter how good a nursing home is, when you have a loved one who is severely incapacitated, it is comforting to know someone as conscientious as Carol is looking after things.  Carol has been able to motivate mom to attend some music activities, she reads to her, and is able to alleviate her fears.   Mom’s sister passed away a few months ago and, if it weren’t for Carol’s calming effectiveness with mom, she would never have agreed to leave the facility.  It was the first time she had been outside since dad died in 2002.  Our family cannot say enough about the professionalism and reliability we have experienced with the entire Home Helpers organization.  They have certainly improved mom’s quality of life and helped us have some peace of mind.  We have complete confidence in Home Helpers".

Rosemary I, Lansdale


“I had the opportunity to use Home Helpers for my mom, who was not able to be alone.  I was so grateful to have Home Helpers and the wonderful person, Elysha, who was selected to help care for mom.  Everything went so smoothly from the assessment at the onset, to the final days.  I knew I could leave for work and my mom was in the best care.  Although my mom was very ill, she knew the holidays were approaching and she wanted to make cookies.  Elysha saw to it that they made cookies, wrapped presents and did any other things that my mom wanted to accomplish.  They are always willing to go the extra mile.  It is all the little things that make Home Helpers extraordinary.”

Gabrielle B., North Wales


“My father-in-law had a few strokes and then spent a month in the hospital for acute rehabilitation.  After that, he was in a nursing home for six months.  Our family had several talks and we decided that my husband and I would move in with dad and take care of him.  I spent hours and hours calling and interviewing several home health companies, before finally deciding on Home Helpers.  From the very beginning, they have been so very helpful in assisting us with the difficult transition.  The caregivers we have in our home are amazing!  They continually go above and beyond what I may require of them, and my father-in-law really does enjoy his days at home with them.  I can’t tell you what a relief it is each day that I leave for work, knowing that he is in such capable hands. When I return home, the house is always very neat and tidy, he has had a good meal or two prepared by them, has taken all his meds for the day and even done some therapy exercises with them!  Short of having them move in with us, what more could I ask for?”

Katherine S., Lansdale


"When my Dad broke his hip, he was restricted from putting any weight on it for 4 -6 weeks.  The rehab hospital told us when he would be released, he would have to be in a wheelchair.  In order to bring him home, we would need help.  I contacted Home Helpers and Greg and Sharon went to the rehab hospital to meet my Dad and his therapists before his release.  They matched us up with a caregiver who could meet my Dad’s needs and physical limitations.  The caregivers were helpful, responsive and anticipated my Dad’s needs.  Now, 18 months later, my Dad is using a walker and we still have Home Helpers lending a hand.  Knowing my parents are being taken care of, I can go to work with peace of mind."  

Beth M., Lafayette Hill


"As the dust starts to settle and life begins again, I wanted to reach out and thank you and your organization for the wonderful care provided to my father.  Karim and Laura were especially helpful and caring of my father.  Outstanding comes to mind! My father’s illness was relatively short and his passing into eternal rest was really quite beautiful.  Thanks again for everything you did to support my family during a very difficult time.”

Eileen O., Willow Grove

My caregiver from Home Helpers will do everything I ask them to do, and is top-notch. They have concern for me and I recognize their love and care.

I can’t think of a time when Home Helpers didn’t meet my expectations. I just love them, I don’t know if I can do without them, now that I’ve got them.    

Home Helpers has outstanding caregivers and has taken great care of us.

My father’s needs are great, and I have to keep working. The service of Home Helpers makes my life easier.  My father is a very cantankerous gentlemen. My caregiver tolerates his moods wings, and reads him really well. He knows when to talk to him and when he needs to be alone.

Home Helpers eased my stress. They were my sunshine on a cloudy day. I know I can be at peace with Home Helpers. I could not do it without them.