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Caregivers of the Month for February, 2018

By Greg Scheck

Congratulations to Margaret Kennedy and Jorina Janga for being nominated and then chosen as February’s Employees of the Month.

Margaret Kennedy

Margaret Kennedy is a live-in caregiver that celebrated her one year anniversary with us on February 1. Margaret has been on a few assignments but the one that she is on now and has been on since August 30, 2017, truly has adopted her as part of their family. Margaret is a special lady that brings so much love to all of her assignments. Margaret is kind and soft spoken and has dedicated her life to caring for others. Margaret has a smile that wraps around you like a hug. We all could learn from Margaret. Congratulations Margaret.

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Jorina Janga

Jorina Janga has been with Home Helpers since May of 2014. Jorina started as a live-in caregiver but now does hourly work. Jorina works six days a week caring for a lovely couple that has repeatedly told us they could not manage without her. Jorina is so dedicated to Home Helpers and to her clients that regardless of what is going on for her, she always manages to get to her assignments. Weather, car issues, etc., Jorina will be on her assignment. Jorina is highly skilled and is able to put any and all clients at ease. Jorina is excellent with clients that are memory impaired. She has so much patience and love to give. Truly a remarkable caregiver. Congratulations Jorina.