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True Success Stories from Bucks County

April 2024 - Kelly w.

Kelly W. has only been employed by Home Helpers for about 9 months now. Her prior caregiving experience was limited to some private duty cases, yet she brought to Home Helpers significant customer service experience in the spa industry. She was quick to absorb our training program, was immediately eager to learn new skills from our nursing team, and she leverages her customer service and listening skills to develop relationships with our clients. Her timeliness is outstanding, which is greatly appreciated by our clients and office staff alike. Kelly resides in Eastern Montgomery County, making her an ideal option for clients throughout Bucks and Montgomery Counties.

Kelly W. with flowers

We are highlighting her relationship with her current client, 78-year old CM, who lives with her spouse in their single family home in Central Bucks County. CM has been a client of Home Helpers for nearly 4 years now. We started out with just a couple visits per week, but a fall and severe fracture this year created the need for short-term continuous care. Kelly was at the top of the list for the temporary expanded coverage, and is now doing three long days per week. Overnights are no longer needed.

When asked what makes Kelly exceptional, CM’s husband, RM, a retired Navy pilot, immediately answered: “She’s prompt, efficient, courteous…what more could you ask for?” CM smiled and chimed in that “Kelly is like a daughter to me. She’s fabulous, and does everything I need, often before I ask, because she has mastered my routine.” CM says “she makes the best scrambled eggs, because I taught her.” Kelly replied that she was not much of a cook, but she and CM enjoy the time in the kitchen together. She considers them family as well, which is why she visited CM on her own time, in the rehab facility.

RM wanted to reiterate that the entire operation is well-run, from the first person he spoke with, Mandy Delp, who was “vivacious and informative,” Mackenzie in scheduling who is a “fluid professional,” Bernadette the nurse, who checks in on them periodically, to Beth, who answers the phone with a smile. Both CM and RM said that they have referred Home Helpers to many others because of their positive experience with the agency, and they are grateful for the professional help.

Kelly W. with client

MArch 2024 - Ruth g.

Ruth G, a resident of Philadelphia, began her caregiving career with Home Helpers about 4 years ago, in the spring of 2019. She came to us with significant caregiving experience, largely in a residential home. When Ruth gets assigned to a client, we know it will go smoothly, and she will be incredibly reliable. She has done both overnights and long day shifts for many clients in different settings, and whatever role she plays, we are confident that she will be in command of the care that needs to be done.

ruth g.

Ruth was recently the primary daytime caregiver for a nearly 100-year-old client, N., who lived in a memory care unit in Lower Bucks County. Ruth delivered an extraordinary level of care to N. for 8 months until N.’s passing. She kicked off the case for us, and worked (5) 12-hour shifts weekly for the entire time, steadfastly remaining by N.’s side, always ensuring that all of her needs were fully met and that she was treated with warmth, respect, and dignity. Ruth was universally admired in the memory care facility for her vast knowledge, seemingly limitless abilities, and compassionate manner. In fact, she was somewhat of a legend there, as everyone marveled that Ruth could accomplish by herself that which usually required two or sometimes even three aides to do. Her can-do attitude and unwavering positivity instill confidence and hope in those around her.

Our client’s daughter, L., had nothing but favorable feedback about Ruth and Home Helpers and was delighted that she was so involved in her mom’s care at the final chapter of her life. “Ruth, my mother's weekday aide, was absolutely phenomenal. Ruth was incredibly devoted to my mother, tirelessly providing her with unparalleled service and attention, always with heartfelt love and compassion. She has been a true blessing for my mom and our family! We will be eternally grateful for her presence in our lives in our time of need.“

According to Home Helpers’ Client Care Coordinator, Arleen Griffin, RN, “Ruth commits herself 100% to whatever caregiving assignment she is given, and her clients recognize the gift that they have received by being placed in her care. She is an inspiring role model and deserves commendation for all that she does, and our highest praise.”

MArch 2024 - Jebbeh K.

Jebbeh K, a resident of Lower Bucks County, Pa, has been an hourly Caregiver for Home Helpers Home Care since 2011, so over 12 years now. Jebbeh is one of our veteran overnight caregivers who is highly skilled, not only with over 75 clients of Home Helpers’ experience, but nearly a decade as a caregiver (and ultimately care manager) in senior living communities. When she is assigned to a client, we have complete confidence in her ability to bring stability, reliability and leadership. Jebbeh is a full-time caregiver of Home Helpers, meaning that she is guaranteed hours even when workloads change. Jebbeh emigrated to this country from Liberia, about 20 years ago.Jebbeh

We are highlighting Jebbeh’s impact on her current client, Jeanne, where Jebbeh initiated overnight care when Home Helpers was originally hired, back in January 2023, and we started with 24.7 care. Care began after multiple hospitalizations and rehab stays associated with fractures in her spine, making her a delicate transfer, and a high fall risk. Today, 14 months later, Jebbeh continues to provide overnight support 5 days a week, dutifully keeping her 90-year-old client safe in her beautiful home along the Delaware River, where she has lived for over 40 years with her husband, who is also in his 90’s. This is a perfect example of how home care services can stabilize a household after a medical setback, and allow individuals (and their spouses) to age in place, where they want to be, in their homes.

Jeanne and her husband beamed with delight when Jebbeh was being presented with the award. Jeanne was quick to offer glowing feedback about Jebbeh. “She is the best, simply priceless, and a true professional. She knows our routine so well that she does things without being told, which makes our life so much easier. She is a great listener, and is always aware of, and alert to, concerns of ours, making her my “port in a storm,” when I am in need of calming. My husband and I, plus our entire family, simply love her. She summed it up by saying, “You’ve got a jewel in Jebbeh, and I hope you have many like her.”

Eileen Edling, RN and Client Care Coordinator, presented the award to a beaming Jebbeh who was grateful for the recognition. Eileen, who nominated Jebbeh after more than a decade of working with her, confirmed Jeanne’s assessment of how special Jebbeh is, and how fortunate we are to have her on our team.

MArch 2024-Hawah K-S.

Hawah K-S has been employed by Home Helpers for only about 9 months now. We are so fortunate to have found such a caring, empathetic, reliable, skilled and passionate person to serve as a live-in caregiver for our clients! Hawah was born in Liberia, and moved to this country (Rhoad Island) when she was 10 years old. As a teenager, her family encouraged her to seek training in the caregiving field, because they knew there would always be great opportunities for her. She became a home health aide shortly after high school, and earned her C.N.A. certification shortly after. She has worked in many settings, including hospitals, skilled nursing units and all types of senior living. She preferred developing relationships with her patients/residents/clients, however, and that was only truly possible in home care, most especially as a live-in, which she has done for years now. In addition to her deep skills and engaging personality, she is also a driver with a car, which makes her highly sought after.


We are highlighting her relationship with her current client, Mr. K., in lower Bucks County, where she began live-in care in early January. After his wife passed, Mr. K. lived alone in his single family home where he raised his children. Over time, there was a noticeable decline in his cognitive abilities and short-term memory. The family knew that it would not be safe for him to continue living alone, and also recognized that moving him to a memory unit in a senior facility would be against his desires. The ideal solution, given his condition, was to allow him to age-in-place in his home, with a live-in caregiver. Hawah, as expected, has been a perfect fit for Mr. K. since she is so patient, and skilled in dementia care. The client, and his family, have been thrilled with the quality of life that Hawah has created for him.

According to Mr. K., “She is a great cook, she knows how to laugh with me, she keeps me company and we have great conversations. She listens to my stories about my service to my country (Vietnam War) and takes me out on adventures in her car. She really takes care of me and I especially love the attention she gives to my skin. My feet have never been so soft!” Arleen Griffin, RN, Home Helpers’ Client Care Coordinator, was with Frank Esterle, co-owner of Home Helpers Home Care, for the Exceptional Caregiver award presentation. Mr. K turned to her and said, “Oh yeah, I love you too.”

Mr. K’s Granddaughter, S., could not be more pleased with Home Helpers’ services and, of course, the selection of Hawah for her grandfather. “As someone in the senior living industry, I have specific expectations,” she states. “My grandfather raised me as his daughter, and I wanted to make sure that whoever was with him genuinely cared for him, and understood his illness. Hawah treats my grandfather with dignity and speaks to him as an adult, understanding the balance between declining cognition and respect. Sometimes Hawah asks me to check over things she has done. I recently responded to her by stating that I trust her. If I didn't, she would not be with the man I love as my dad. Although some have said it would have been easier to move him into my senior living community, those were not his wishes. I am very happy to work with Home Helpers to provide the lifestyle which makes my grandfather happy. We appreciate the support Arleen, the supervisory nurse, brings, and my communication with her is always a pleasure. We have been given great peace of mind, and for that I am very grateful.”

Hawah was beaming with pride during our visit and thankful for the recognition. As we were leaving, she and Mr. K were going out to lunch and another adventure. Mr. K was smiling ear-to-ear!

HAWAH K-S. with client

February 2024 -Dashawna H.

Dashawna H, a resident of Central Bucks County, has been an hourly Caregiver for Home Helpers Home Care for nearly two years now. She is one of our younger caregivers, and came to Home Helpers with no direct caregiving experience. She did, however, have a background in customer service, which is where she developed her customer-first, positive attitude. Given her bubbly personality and commitment to learn, we knew that Dashawna would be a great fit in our agency. She has worked with countless clients across the region, males and females, both on long and short shifts, weekdays and weekends, and has delighted them all! Her current client, Mr. H, has been especially thrilled with her performance, and wished to join us in recognizing her as an Exceptional Caregiver. Mr. H. lives in New Hope, a good distance from Dashawna, who since June has been happily driving 30 minutes each way, 4 to 5 days a week, to serve her client.


Mr. H lives with his son, M, in a lower apartment, and Home Helpers was retained after a fall in the Spring of 2023 led to a rehab stay, and the son knew that his dad could not be left alone while he worked. Because of his neurological disease, Mr. H is a high fall risk, so we assist closely with all personal care and homemaker services, engaging in conversation the entire time. M, needed a reliable home care agency that could deliver a flexible schedule to accommodate his work. His first contact with Home Helpers was our Community Outreach Manager, Mandy Delp, who immediately impressed him with her knowledge and professionalism. Her goal was not to simply try to quickly place a caregiver, per M, but instead “she provided insight with respect to the industry itself, as well as potential options for my father, both past and present. She shared her own experiences which made our situation relatable. Her conversation with me was invaluable and thoughtful, such that I didn’t feel just like another customer.” He stated that his other interactions with our other staff have been similarly pleasant.

With respect to Dashawna, he and his father state that the best compliment they could pay is that “Dashawna has become part of our family, and we think of her that way.” Says M, Dashawna is extremely diligent as well as thoughtful and caring, such that being a caregiver seems second nature to her. This provides a level of comfort where I always feel that my father in in good hands.” She won my father over quickly, despite her young age. “There is a genuine kindness that is evident in the moment you meet her. She has an innate ability to understand a person’s situation and the struggles they may be experiencing, such that she is able to make you feel comfortable in what sometimes can be uncomfortable situations in a care setting.” Mr. H stated that “she is the daughter I never had, and she is excellent in every way.”

Home Helpers’ field support nurse, Arleen Griffin, knew right away when she did the assessment for Mr. H. that Dashawna would be perfect fit. “That is why she was picked to kick off the case, and why she remains there to this day.”

DASHAWNA H with client

It is worth nothing that Dashawna won the Susan Terrry Foley Memorial Scholarship last June. She is planning on getting a certification as a medical assistant and ultimately pursue her LPN.

Congratulations on many fronts, Dashawna!

January 2024 - Samina K.

Samina K, a resident of Eastern Montgomery County, began her caregiving career with Home Helpers over 12 years ago, in 2011. She has proven over and over, with countless clients, that she is reliable, capable and highly-skilled, deeply experienced with a variety of care needs, but most importantly, compassionate and kind. Says Frank Esterle, Home Helpers’ co-owner, “Without fail, our clients adore Samina, and are delighted by the positivity and confidence she brings into their home each day.” Samina has been the primary caregiver for our 93-year old client, “Eva”, for many years now. Of special note is the impact Samina has had on Eva’s quality of life, allowing her to remain in her independent living unit of her Central Bucks County retirement community instead of moving to a higher level of care. For nearly 3 years now, Samina has worked with Eva 5 days a week, relieving the overnight caregivers (Home Helpers provides continuous care for Eva 7 days a week).


Eva’s daughter, and our primary contact, offered her insights into the value of Home Helpers. “After a fall and a stay at the skilled nursing unit, my mother required help at home to recover. We were very thankful for the quick response from Home Helpers, who stepped up with very caring people from the start.

Our family is very grateful for our mother’s daytime caretaker Samina. She is so very caring and loving and so very appreciated by all of us. My mother loves her and looks forward to seeing her every morning. Thank you Samina, we love you too!”

According to Eileen Edling, RN, Client Care Manager, Samina immediately reports any concerns about her client's health, and due to her diligence, concern, and quick actions, issues have been addressed in "real time", often preventing an ER visit or hospitalization. “With caregivers like Samina, our work serving clients is made so much easier,” says Eileen. “We are so grateful for her many contributions to our agency and advocacy for our clients.”

samina and patient

Samina herself was overcome with emotion for the recognition. She stated that “she loves her job with Home Helpers Home Care, and will never leave! She commented on the tremendous support she has in the field (Eileen and nurse Debbie) and made sure to compliment the pleasant and professional staff in the office! Samina says she loves working with the elderly and assisting them as they age in place. I treat Eva like my mother,” she states, “and provide her with love, respect and passion. Eva and I have developed a wonderful working relationship and have perfected her daily care routine!

Eva was beaming as Samina spoke, and Frank asked her to comment on her favorite caregiver. “She’s terrific, and she knows exactly what to do for me before I have to ask!”

December, 2023 - Fatu W

Fatu W, one of our live-in caregivers, has been an employee of Home Helpers since late 2012. Therefore, she has a long and proven track record of impressing our clients for well over a decade. Her maturity, experience in the profession, and confidence, is evident to clients and their family members immediately upon meeting Fatu. First impressions of Fatu are always the same for families…My loved one will be in great hands with her! Fatu’s current client, “Evelyn” turns 102 in December. She has been on and off of hospice benefits for a few years now, and Fatu has been there through every setback and recovery. In fact, Fatu started caring for Evelyn in December 2019, two years before Evelyn was a centenarian. Fatu’s presence has resulted in a consistency that hugely benefits everyone involved, especially Evelyn! Home Helpers’ presence has enabled Evelyn to remain in her independent living apartment within her Warminster Continuing Care Retirement Community, preventing a move to the skilled nursing unit.

Our client’s family was thrilled to provide feedback on this special caregiver, who they call Lilly! Says their daughter, Dee, “Home Helpers has provided home care support for our mother for the past 8 years. We started with hourly care and over 2-years chose to progress to live-in care. Our goal has always been to maintain mom’s quality of life while keeping her in her own home. We have been able to do that with Home Helpers. Fatu (we call her Lily) has been mom’s live-in companion for the past 4 years. Lily is an amazing person and caregiver who is kind, thoughtful, intelligent and responsible. She understands what mom needs, and makes it her mission to see that mom is comfortable and happy. If a health or safety question arises, she (or her nurse supervisor) is quick to contact us. She is creative and uses good judgment to solve everyday issues. A few examples:

  • Mom is uncomfortably cold when getting out of bed in the am and in bed at night. Lily makes these transitions easier by using the dryer to warm mom’s robe and her blankets every morning and night.
  • In the past year has it has become more difficult for mom to chew. Lily has mastered the art of preparing delicious, puréed meals, using various broths and spices. Mom usually eats every spoonful and often asks for more. She tells Lily that she is a great cook.
  • When it became difficult for mom to drink from a cup, Lily searched the internet for the perfect sippy cup and straw. This cup allows mom to continue to hold and enjoy her morning cup of coffee and other beverages.

These are all little things, but they help make mom’s days more comfortable and keep her happy and healthy. We have great peace of mind knowing that Lily is there for mom. After all these years we feel as if Lily is part of our family. And although mom speaks much less than she used to, she appreciates Lily as much as we do. Mom hums and sings to Lily. She tells Lily that she is beautiful. She clearly feels secure and loved when Lily is in the room.

Lily is an extraordinary person and caregiver, and we are so thankful that we have her in our lives. My siblings and I feel that if we were to need a caregiver in future years, we would want someone just like Lily. Thank you to Home Helpers for providing us with such an exceptional person.”

According to Frank Esterle, co-owner of Home Helpers Home Care, Fatu was thrilled to be recognized by our agency as an exceptional caregiver. “She proudly introduced me to her client who was well-dressed and had just finished her breakfast, and gave me a tour of the home. She said she loves working for such a deeply-involved family and supportive agency, who she speaks with almost daily.” This role is obviously a calling for Fatu!

Exceptional Caregivers Marion S, Maribel G

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