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How to start the conversation? (part 1)

By Peter DiMaria

It has been on your mind for a while, or you suddenly realized that dad, or mom, need some sort of home care moving forward. I know what you are going through. As I told in a previous post, it has happened in my family. You start spending a few hours, helping with the dishes, doing the laundry, wiping the floors. Then they need help to buy groceries, go to the pharmacy, climb and go down the stairs.

And here’s a challenge: you can’t trust dad to change that light bulb all by himself. “I’ve done that all my life, there is no reason not to do it”, he says. But his balance is not what it used to be anymore.

Now, you can’t avoid the subject any longer. You are afraid you know what the answer will be when you suggest to them that they need help. You want to avert confrontation. You come to a conclusion and it is simple: they need help. You need help. But how to approach this sensitive topic?

Your main question is: how to start the conversation about their need of senior care?

We, at Home Helpers, gave a lot of thought to that question. We talked to specialists. We talked to people who did it. There is no cookie-cutter answer. Every family is different. However, what I can assure you is that with a little preparation, it can be a lot easier.

For example, if you start out by saying something like ‘Mom, I’ve been thinking …’ or ‘Dad, you should …’, then you’re going to put them on the defensive from the beginning.

How to do it, then? We developed a simple guide to help you through this process. It’s called “8 ways to start the conversation”. In my next post, I’ll talk a little more in detail about different ways to do it.  if you want to explore it right now, give us a call and we will send you a copy!

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