Helping Those Who Served. MilitaryHiring Program

At Home Helpers, our best Caregivers have a sense of mission — a purpose-driven motivation to help those who need assistance. The kind of person who sees helping others as a calling will undoubtedly provide the “above and beyond” care that all of us would want for our loved ones.

Recognizing the caliber of service-minded people we want to have in our organization, Home Helpers seeks to hire no less then 3000 military veterans and armed forces family members over the next year.

This is more than a desire to give back, it's a recognition of the dedication, perseverance and willingness to go the extra mile that are hallmarks of both the armed forces and the Caregivers we want working with us.

In addition to flexible scheduling, we’re proud to offer comprehensive job training that builds a fully transferable skill set. There are many reasons a Caregiving career is the ideal opportunity for any veteran or military family member looking for fulfilling work:

  • Training for all aspects of Caregiving
  • Work hours available any time day or night
  • Certification for Alzheimer’s and dementia care
  • National presence allowing for ease of relocation

Serving our country is what military personnel and their families do best. Serving those who need help is what we do best. It’s a perfect fit.

You have what it takes. Join Home Helpers today and help us take care of the greatest generation. Yours.

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