Service, integrity and commitment are values shared by veterans, their families and Home Helpers Home Care. It’s a common drive to put others first and sacrifice for the greater good.

At Home Helpers, we don’t have a “veterans program.” Our commitment to those who serve our country flows out of our foundational mission. We built our company on these shared values. They are integral to what we do and who veterans are.

Senior Veterans

Quicker Access to Care Benefits
for Senior Veterans

Our partners help veterans access their Aid and Attendance Pension benefits quicker while they get in-home care services:

Veterans Care Coordination Patriot Angels

The Veterans Aid and Attendance Pension provides benefits that reduce the cost of care for veterans and surviving spouses who require service of another person to assist with activities of daily living. This is a veterans pension benefit and is not dependent upon service-related injuries for compensation. With this benefit, veterans and loved ones are better able to afford exceptional Home Helpers Home Care.

We make it easier for those who served to get the care they need.

Affordable, Exceptional Care for Veterans

Home Helpers’ service, integrity and commitment shines through in our dedication to making lives easier. Veterans choose Home Helpers for the best in:

Companion Care
Personal Care
Medical Care/Transitional Care
Alzheimer’s + Dementia Care
Homemaker Services
Respite Care
Disability Home Care
Home Monitoring Medical Alert System
End of Life Care
Senior Home Care

Veteran and Military Spouse Employment

At Home Helpers, our best Caregivers have a sense of mission—a purpose-driven motivation to help those who will need assistance. The kind of person will undoubtedly provide the “above and beyond” care that all of us want for our loved ones.

Recognizing the caliber of service-minded people we want in our organization, Home Helpers seeks to hire more military veterans and armed forces family members in the coming years. This is more than a desire to give back, it's a recognition of the dedication, perseverance and willingness to go the extra mile that are shared values of both the armed forces and Home Helpers.

In addition to flexible scheduling, we’re proud to offer comprehensive job training that builds a fully transferable skill set. There are many reasons a Caregiving career is the ideal opportunity for any veteran or military family member looking for fulfilling work:

  • Training for all aspects of Caregiving
  • Work hours available any time day or night
  • Certification for Alzheimer’s and dementia care
  • National presence allowing for ease of relocation

Serving our country is what military personnel and their families do best. Serving those who need help is what we do best. It’s a perfect fit.

You have what it takes. Join Home Helpers.

Veteran and Military Spouse Employment
We are proud to partner with the Department of Defense and its Military Spouse Employment Partnership to fill our company with the best people.

Franchising Opportunity for Veterans

Home Helpers Home Care has been recognized by the International
Franchise Association’s VetFran committee for outstanding commitment to veterans and military spouses. They awarded Home Helpers its highest ranking: Five Star.

Working toward this honor was about more than paying tribute. Outstanding military personnel make outstanding owners in the Home Helpers system. Their self-sacrifice, dedication, and willingness to go the extra mile all add up to a successful franchisee. The Five Star recognition helps veterans see the opportunity.

To bring more of these exceptional franchisees into the network,
Home Helpers maintains an industry-leading incentive for military
personnel—$9,380 toward the franchising fee. The lowered fee covers world-class on-site training and business consulting to help new veteran owners succeed.

In addition to this IFA honor, Franchise Business Review recognized Home Helpers as a Top Low-Cost Franchise. The designation speaks to much more than dollars and cents, it’s also a measurement of franchisee satisfaction. We are a leading-edge company, vibrant and active. We are committed to moving forward and advancing the industry.

We have outpaced this industry for 20 consecutive years—innovating to meet changing needs.

Veterans have what it takes to help push us even further. We honor those who served, and we welcome them to bring their unique talents and values to help build ties within communities around this great nation. Their outstanding commitment, integrity, service, and teamwork make us a much better organization.

Home Helpers is a top low-cost franchise with a VetFran Five Star ranking and $9,380 grant toward the franchise fee for veterans. This should make the choice obvious for veterans and military personnel seeking an entrepreneurial opportunity.

We are grateful for your service, but more than that, we are ready for you to bring your passion and leadership to help make Home Helpers the best it can be.