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When Healthy Meals Meet Home Care in Manchester CT

By Peter DiMaria

Senior Care in Manchester CT

As we age, we tend to have more difficulty preparing meals. For people with Alzheimer’s disease, it is even dangerous. So, it is not a surprise that many seniors resort to fast-food restaurants and pizza shops for a quick, comfort food lunch.

Home Care in Manchester CT: Nutritious meals for seniors

It doesn’t have to be that way. Right here in our area, seniors can count with October Kitchen’s homemade, home-delivered meals. October’s Kitchen makes delicious meals while keeping them healthier for seniors, with reduced animal fat and salt, helping to prevent high blood pressure and high cholesterol. It is a great alternative for those who do not like Meals on Wheels, for example.

Besides being great for seniors is a perfect fit for in-Home Care clients. With meals already prepared, and a caregiver to heat them and assist the senior with eating, the problem is solved.

The meal delivery company is the inspiration and life project of chef Paul Finney, who was once a rising star in the five-star restaurants' world.

Senior Care in Manchester CT: Rising-star chef comes home to supply healthy foods

After fifteen years rising through the ranks of fine dining and working at renowned New England restaurants, Chef Paul Finney was ready to make a change. He decided to become a personal chef to dozens of Connecticut households.  It was a new inspiration, not just cooking delicious food, but healthy food that clients could love. He created custom meal plans, allergen-free meals, special diets, and vegetarian menus.

Chef Paul Finney offers meals for home care in Manchester CT

Chef Paul’s inspiration came to life.

Located right here in Manchester, October Kitchen is a thriving delivery chef service. It provides families with delicious and healthy meals to give our bodies the nutrients they need.

The menus are not customized to each client but by a "chef's choice" of local and seasonal foods. Weekly menus are inspired to be enjoyed by everyone, with a particular emphasis on reduced salt and reduced fat home-style dishes.

Emphasis is given to added vegetables, to increase the amount of fiber and nutrients. Or, as chef Paul says: “Do you prefer to spend your money on the vegetable aisle of the supermarket or at the doctor’s office?”

The service is perfect for all people young and old who may not choose to cook every night but still want great homemade meals.

Chef Paul Finney’s blog brings tips for healthy eating

Besides managing his thriving business, chef Paul still finds time to write one of the funniest food blogs out there. With articles titled “The Secret Dangers of Fruit,” “An in-depth Analysis – Are our Kitchens Making Us Fat?” or “Portion Sizes: A Historical Analysis,” it spices people’s curiosity and almost unwittingly brings them to think about healthy eating.

To start ordering your meals, check October Kitchen’s website here.


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