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We’re working hard to provide home care during the blizzard

Snow or shine, Home Helpers Home Care Enfield office will do everything to provide Senior Care in Suffield, Tolland, Longmeadow and all North Central CT/Western MA

It’s been a hard day for everyone in North Central Connecticut and Western Massachusetts today, with the blizzard. Schools were closed, and many people stayed at home and worked from there.

At Home Helpers Home Care Enfield office, however, we cannot afford to do that. Many of our patients depend on the home care assistance we provide.

Some of our clients who can still function without help or have a family member around ended up canceling their services today, in consideration of their caregivers who would have to drive in the blizzard to get to work. We thank them so much for understanding.

However, for many other clients, it is critical that their caregiver is there, on time and ready to work. They need assistance with their daily living activities, also known as ADLs: bathing, toileting, feeding and everything a person needs. Some of them would be unable to leave the bed in the morning without assistance.

Now here’s the problem: most caregivers don’t have a vehicle capable of blazing through over a foot of snow like we have today.

And here’s the solution: I have been transporting caregivers from their residences to their client’s homes and back, since very early this morning, in our 4x4 truck. Our staff coordinator, Sarah Masten, also did some of the driving this morning, while she could, with her car.

Here are a couple of pictures I took when I picked up our caregiver Kathy Danielczuk, this morning, and took her to provide Home Care Services in Suffield.

Other caregivers in our team who I would like to thank for being brave and for their passion in helping others are Nimo Akua, Sherry Skinner, Sue Rodgers, Betsy Finnan, Fausha McLean, Luann Skok and everyone who braved the snow to get to work this morning. Others will do the same this evening. It takes a lot of compassion and we recognize that.

This is not the first snowstorm that had us driving caregivers around. We did the same last year when we had our first winter since we started providing home care in North Central CT and Western MA. I am proud to do it, so that we may continue our services with as little disruption as possible. It is part of our mission: to provide the best home care services to the people of North Central Connecticut and Western Massachusetts.

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