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5 Important Tips if your Elderly Loved One is Still Driving

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Many elderly loved ones want to keep driving on their own for as long as they possibly can. It’s one way to stay independent and to avoid feeling like a burden to friends and family. If your elderly loved one is still driving, here are some things that you can do to help keep her safe.

Help Her Plan Her Trips

One way to help your loved one maintain her independence and yet ease your mind is to help her to plan her trips. Time of day and the route that she’s planning to take can all have a huge impact on how her trip goes. Try to keep her on the road during times of day that are likely to be slower in terms of traffic. Stick with familiar roads so that she’s not having to navigate unfamiliar territory alone.

Avoid Driving at Night

Driving at night can sometimes fluster your elderly loved one, but especially during colder months when it gets darker much sooner it’s not always avoidable. Consider having senior care providers available for your loved one if she’s in a situation where she has to get out at night. That way she’s got some companionship for the trip and someone to handle the driving for her.

Help Her Keep Her Car Clean and Maintained

A clean and well-maintained car is a much safer car all around. Make sure that her windshields, windows, and mirrors are clean and easy to see through. Head and tail lights are equally important so that you can make sure that other drivers see your loved one’s car easily. Windshield wipers need regular maintenance and it’s important not to skip any engine maintenance, either.

Check Her Medication Labels

Some medications can make driving more difficult for your elderly loved one. Be sure to check the labels and see if she’s taking any that may hinder her driving skills. If she does take any of these types of medications, talk to her doctor about when she should take them or if there are changes to the medication or to the dosage that can help.

Hearing and Vision Tests Are Important

Being able to see and to hear are both equally important while driving. Help your elderly loved one to be a safer driver by making sure she has her hearing and vision tested regularly. Even small adjustments can help your loved one to be just that much safer.

The more prepared your loved one is for her travels, the safer she’ll be.