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Four Ways to Show Kindness to an Elderly Loved One This Week

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Showing kindness is important for people of all ages. Kind words and actions can help lift another person up, bring joy to their days, and bring a smile to their face. If you have an elderly loved one who sometimes feels lonely, depressed, isolated, or even just a little bit down, then it is a great time to do for them an act of kindness that can help them turn their day around. If you need some help thinking of ways you can show kindness to your elderly loved one, read on for four great ideas and then commit to trying one of them this week!

End of Summer Yard Care

It is likely that your elderly loved one struggles with yard work due to fatigue, chronic medical conditions, or weakness. In addition, it may not be safe for them to attempt any heavy yard work. Most yards need a good clean up at the end of summer, so a great idea for you is to offer to do it for them. Mow their lawn, edge, pull weeds, rake up dead leaves and plants, and even plant some spring-blooming bulbs. Your loved one will certainly appreciate having a clean yard that is ready for fall weather.

Offer to do a Not-So-Fun Task

Is there a task that has been on you elderly loved one’s to-do list for a while but is constantly getting put off. Tasks that are not enjoyable can often go to the bottom of the list and get avoided, even if they do need to get done. Show kindness this week and offer to do one of these dreaded tasks such as rinsing out garbage cans, taking a pet to the vet, organizing a “junk drawer”, or scrubbing the shower.

Bring a Bouquet

Everyone enjoys receiving a surprise bouquet of flowers and your loved one is probably no exception. Surprise your loved one this week with a lovely bouquet that you hand-picked from your garden or selected from the market. Be sure also to trim them and place them in a vase for them so that they can display them in their home.

Teach Them Something New

Is there something that your loved one has been eager to learn how to do on a smartphone, computer or tablet? Take the time this week to sit down and teach them the new skill. The will certainly appreciate your time and will enjoy practicing a new skill such as using a search engine, sending an email, or using a video chat.