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How to Have Healthier Joints

By Greg and Hilary Eldridge

Senior Care near Sugar Hill GA

When your parent ages, their entire body is aging at once.  Just like all other parts of them, their joints will get worn out in time.  Joints are very important because we use them daily for our entire lives, and they affect everything we do.  Having sore, aching joints, or needing hip or knee replacements is a big deal to senior citizens.

Life would be so much simpler for them without those issues.  Your parent’s joints and supporting muscles can be hurt from past injuries, recent injuries, lots of use, and simply degeneration from the aging process.  This natural process, especially when combined with other health factors and risks, can pose a threat to your senior’s comfort.

Inactivity can be a precursor to poor joint health.  Involve your elder’s senior care service provider in coming up with a diet and exercise plan for good joint health.

Promote Joint Health with a Good Diet

Having a healthy body in general will help with everything, including your joints.  An all-around good balance of fruits and vegetables with other food groups will boost your elderly loved one’s immune system, blood flow, and digestion which in turn ease the stress on their joints.  Calcium especially will build up bone and joint strength.  Another thing to consider is weight.  If your parent is overweight, that may be placing unnecessary stress on their limbs and joints to move and hold themselves up.  Consider losing weight and exercising to help relieve joint stress.

If your parent is having a lot of joint pain or other issues, what types of exercise might be safe for them to do?

  • If your mother or father has had a hip or knee replacement or osteoarthritis, have them try using an elliptical machine or a stationary bike instead of the treadmill.
  • Basically, any exercise that safely use joints without over pressuring them are what you should aim for. The technique is actually more important that the exercise itself; it can be difficult to tell how your parent should be doing the exercise.
  • Walking is one of the best things your parent can do. If they are still mobile, walking should be their first choice and has a lot of physical as well as emotional benefits. Going on a walk with you or other relatives provides a social aspect to it as well, helping with mental health.
  • Try doing some low-impact aerobics with your parent such as stretching or yoga. Also, aqua aerobics and swimming are great ideas because there is virtually no joint stress at all.
  • Another tip you can use is having your elderly parent do some “range of motion” exercises which helps to reduce stiffness. Things such as arm circles, stretching, using light weights such as shampoo bottles, and other light activities.

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