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Exercises that Can Improve Senior Health

By Greg and Hilary Eldridge

Elder Care Lawrenceville, GA

When providing any type of elder care to someone, one thing continues to remain consistent for the vast majority of patients. This happens to be exercise. Even the patient who is recovering from a stroke, heart attack, major surgery, pneumonia, or other ailment will likely benefit from some type of exercise.

Is important to note, however, that someone recovering from pneumonia will need plenty of rest. This doesn’t mean that he or she should not get any type of exercise. It would be important, in this case, to talk to his or her doctor about proper pneumonia care.

As for most other senior patients who require any type of elderly health care, exercises are an important part of life.


Just walking up and down the hall for some seniors can be quite a workout. If the individual requires assistance while walking, then they will likely be exerting more effort to move throughout their home. They may also be more inclined to avoid walking from one room to the other, simply because of the effort required to do so.

It is important to encourage them to walk on a regular basis. The more exercise that a person gets, the stronger their muscles will remain and they will also be improving their heart health. The heart is a muscle like any other, and as long as their doctor approves of exercise, they should get their heart rate elevated at least to some degree.

Sitting and standing.

Sitting down in a chair from a standing position will use many of the muscles in the legs. Standing back up will use the same leg muscles, but also core muscles such as those in the midsection region. Doing this type of activity over and over can help the senior get the proper level of exercise that they need to stay fit and healthy.


Depending on the elderly patient’s overall health and well-being, yoga can provide a wide range of benefits. It will not only help improve blood flow throughout the body, but it can also improve mobility for the patient.

For somebody who is suffering from arthritis, these exercises may offer some benefits.

No matter what type of exercises you encourage the patient to do, the main goal is to get them moving. The more they are moving, the more exercise they are receiving. When they do, they are getting the best elder care possible.

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